Lakeside Software Opens New R&D Facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Ann Arbor, MI ― December 1, 2011 ― Lakeside Software, a leader in business intelligence solutions for IT professionals, today announced the acquisition and opening of a new R&D facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This facility will be primarily utilized for product design and development, and will accelerate company growth by making it easier to hire top technical talent from the Ann Arbor metropolitan area. The new facility is fully operational and is located at 112 South Main Street in Ann Arbor; Lakeside’s corporate headquarters will remain in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

The company had announced in March 2011 plans to expand in the Ann Arbor area, and had received a Michigan Economic Growth Authority (MEGA) tax credit to help encourage the expansion.

Founded in 1997, Lakeside Software has grown organically without outside investment. The company’s products employ differentiated technology in the form of a patent-protected distributed database architecture for data collection and aggregation that delivers unprecedented depth of information and insight into user experience. Lakeside has also successfully established key partnerships with global systems integrators and technology firms that use the company’s technology to implement desktop transformation and virtualization services. The company was recently designated Technology Company of the Year by Automation Alley, Michigan’s largest technology business association.

Supporting Quotes

Michael Schumacher, founder and CEO, Lakeside Software: “We’re excited to be expanding in Michigan and in the Ann Arbor area. Michigan is technology-friendly and offers a wealth of technology talent that we will employ to drive our continued growth.”

Paul Krutko, president and CEO, Ann Arbor SPARK: “Ann Arbor SPARK worked with Lakeside Software early on to support the company’s expansion efforts to our region, including working with MEDC and other officials to secure the incentives that emerging companies need to grow. The tech talent here will ensure that Lakeside Software will hit the ground running, quickly ramping up its operations and getting down to business. Long term, the depth of tech talent in Ann Arbor will be a strategic asset for Lakeside Software.”

Ken Rogers, executive director, Automation Alley: “Lakeside Software is a valued member of our organization and a recognized leader in the technology sector. In October, we were proud to present them with our prestigious Technology Company of the Year Award because of their innovative work in the field of business intelligence solutions. We’re thrilled to hear they are expanding their reach in Michigan and creating jobs with the opening of a new research and development facility, and we wish them continuing success.”

Doug Smith, SVP strategic partnerships, Michigan Economic Development Council (MEDC): “The growth of Lakeside Software and the announcement of the opening of their new R&D facility is an outstanding example of Michigan’s strength in IT professional training and workforce. As we seek economic recovery, with the fast changing pace of technology, it is not sufficient to just have an expert and trained workforce, but we must have the tools to retrain and train that workforce continually. Lakeside is a key company to build that capacity here in Michigan.”

About Lakeside Software

Lakeside Software is the leading provider of business intelligence solutions for IT professionals. The SysTrack data platform includes solutions for User Experience Scoring, End-to-End Monitoring, Problem Diagnostics, VDI Assessment & Planning and Power Management that empower IT with the actionable information to dramatically improve productivity and reduce costs. The patented DataMine distributed relational database architecture aggregates user-level data unmatched in depth and quality, enabling SysTrack’s sophisticated reporting intelligence to deliver unprecedented insight into application usage and resource utilization.

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