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Strategic Lakeside Software Partners

A critical part of our offering, our partnerships allow us to continue our efforts in helping optimize IT environments for end users. Through our strategic partnerships, we are able to provide vendor-specific assessments on their services and solutions, implementation guidance for deployment and monitoring support for IT thereafter.

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A pioneer in commercially virtualizing the x86 architecture, VMware today aims to accelerate digital transformation through cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology. Through the VMware and Lakeside Software partnership, we are able to provide VMware customers with a roadmap to successful desktop virtualization which includes: process documentation, technical specifications, storage planning, power and cooling recommendations, image planning, application virtualization, and a comprehensive provisioning and build plan.

Partnership focus areas:

SysTrack Desktop Assessment for VMware
SysTrack technology has been selected by VMware to power the SysTrack Desktop Assessment, a cloud-based, self-service assessment solution for optimizing VMware Horizon installations. This solution fully integrates SysTrack end-user computing analysis technology into VMware vCloud Air.

VMware Horizon Virtualization Roadmap
SysTrack accelerates VMware Horizon adoption rates by providing a complete roadmap to successful desktop virtualization, including process documentation, executive summary, technical specifications, storage plan, power and cooling recommendations, image planning, application virtualization, and a comprehensive provisioning and build plan.

VMware Horizon and ThinApp optimization
By optimizing VMware Horizon and VMware ThinApp implementations, SysTrack enables IT to fully exploit their VMware vSphere configurations and maximize IT infrastructure efficiency.

SysTrack and Horizon Mirage
VMware Horizon Mirage offers a unique solution for managing your physical and virtual laptops and desktops that combines centralized management for IT and local execution for end users. SysTrack complements the Horizon Mirage solution by providing deep visibility into user, system, application performance and insight into the Horizon Mirage platform.

SysTrack and vCenter Operations Management
VMware vCenter™ Operations Manager together with SysTrack provide the visibility necessary to support a VMware Horizon™ environment exactly when you need it most. Auditing and monitoring of any Windows-based device can be easily accomplished with SysTrack to ensure a better level of IT service is delivered to the end-user community at a lower overall cost.

VMware Professional Services
VMware Technical Services Professionals (VTSPs) and the VMware Professional Services Organization (PSO) use SysTrack to help their customers adopt desktop virtualization based on VMware Horizon™.

VMware App Volumes
By leveraging SysTrack planning data, organizations can amap out a complete plan for App Volumes implementation by reviewing which users and groups require a core set of applications to develop workload groupings for virtual desktops. This cuts down on planning time, resulting in cost savings.

"We are pleased to work with Lakeside on their assessment, management and optimization offering that provides tangible guidance on how to take full advantage of VMware Horizon™. SysTrack enables customers to fully use VMware Horizon by helping maximize IT infrastructure efficiency and delivering a comprehensive desktop experience."

Erik Frieberg
Vice President, Marketing
End-User Computing
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Citrix works to make the world’s apps and data secure and easy to access through Application Virtualization and VDI, Enterprise Mobility Management, File Sync and Sharing, and Networking solutions.

Citrix and Lakeside are collaborating to provide Citrix customers with the user experience data they need to make superior desktop transformation decisions. Optimized for Citrix, SysTrack FastTrack™ collects and analyzes a customer's actual user experience data to provide precise virtualization recommendations specific to that customer's unique configuration. SysTrack FastTrack is developed by Lakeside in collaboration with Citrix and incorporates Lakeside's patented SysTrack technology.

"SysTrack end user analytics significantly facilitate desktop transformation assessments and issue resolution initiatives, helping customers accelerate the benefits of desktop virtualization and validate the path to Citrix XenDesktop implementations.

SysTrack helps our Citrix Consulting Services consultants assist customers with accelerating time to value, while improving and maintaining optimal end user experience."

Kurt Heusner
Vice President
Worldwide Consulting

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Microsoft focuses on empowering every person and every organization to achieve more. Helping people realize their full potential is a core focus of the company that  is evident in their software, services, devices and solutions.

Lakeside Software and Microsoft partnered to further this mission by helping customers assess the fit of Microsoft solutions with their users and environments, implement the right solution, and continuously monitor the state of their IT landscape.

Partnership focus areas:

SysTrack for Windows® Migration
SysTrack provides enterprise data centers with comprehensive Windows 10 application rationalization and pre-virtualization analysis, modeling and planning support to help them determine the right application delivery platform.

SysTrack for Windows® Performance Optimization
SysTrack not only continuously collects the detailed system performance metrics necessary for detailed problem analysis, it also calculates an easy to understand end-user experience score that provides immediate insight into problem areas in the environment.

SysTrack for Microsoft® Data Center Optimization
SysTrack gives immediate visibility into the demand and utilization of aging infrastructure, providing key insight into what opportunities exist for delivery optimization, consolidation, and evolution of the critical components in any environment.

SysTrack Development
Lakeside Software utilizes Microsoft Visual Studio and .NET technologies in the development of all SysTrack solutions.

SysTrack Database
SysTrack solutions utilize a Microsoft SQL database to store data on both clients and servers.

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When NVIDIA introduced the GPU in the late 1990s, they sparked the growth of the PC gaming market. Today, GPU deep learning is igniting AI and modern computing. That is why Lakeside Software has partnered with NVIDIA to help enterprises understand their GPU requirements by identifying which users demand and use high-performance graphics. After those users have been identified, Lakeside Software’s SysTrack helps NVIDIA customers continuously monitor and maintain the health of their total environment.

"As the world’s first graphics processor for virtualized environments, NVIDIA GRID is a game changer for enterprises. The most common question we get from IT professionals is how GPUs should be provisioned to virtualize users’ desktops and applications. SysTrack offers a convenient way to observe the graphics usage and requirements of real end users before deciding how to configure the virtualized environment."

Jeff Brown
VP and general manager
GRID Business Unit
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A cloud computing software company, Nutanix works to make infrastructure invisible, helping IT focus on the applications and services that power their business. In partnering with Lakeside Software, Nutanix furthers this effort by using SysTrack technology to help customers find the converged compute and storage platform that delivers the best value for a particular workload.

"Virtualization in the datacenter has suffered from overbearing complexity due to traditional network-based storage such as SAN/NAS that limit scalability and performance while driving up cost. Nutanix has delivered a next-generation converged storage and compute platform to allow for optimal scalability and simplicity while dramatically lowering both capex and opex.

The SysTrack MarketPlace report delivers powerful data analysis, which ensures the Nutanix infrastructure is right-sized for every organization's virtualization initiatives and helps our mutual customers achieve optimal IT efficiency and ROI."

Howard Ting
Vice President Marketing
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NetApp is a storage and data management company that believes in driving value with data.

Using SysTrack technology, NetApp and Lakeside Software harness the value in endpoint data to help organizations identify key sizing characteristics for storage in their environment, understand their utilization, and thereafter manage the state of their NetApp solutions and overall environment.

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Samsung and Lakeside Software have partnered to create a report that analyzes the current state of an organization’s environment to forecast how an environment may best use Samsung zero clients and the potential power savings from implementation.

"Samsung NC Series zero client displays integrate Teradici® PCoIP technology to support full high-definition (HD) performance in a virtualized VMware environment. SysTrack helps determine appropriateness of zero-client use and evaluates PCoIP protocol characteristics and end-user experience to optimize steady-state performance."

Greg Spence
Senior Product Manager
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As one of the world’s largest IT companies, IBM works to help businesses innovate. Today, IBM Global Technology Services professionals worldwide use Lakeside Software to support and accelerate customers’ virtualization deployments in desktop assessments delivered as part of the IBM Smart Business Desktop portfolio of services.

Embedded in IBM’s Smart Migration and Application delivery, SysTrack provides a comprehensive planning approach for Windows, mobility and virtualization planning.

Lakeside and IBM have been collaborating for years helping clients design high performing "Smarter Workplace" infrastructures to meet the demands of the new workplace including mobility, “bring-your-own-device” and better performing virtualized environments.

IBM's Smart Migration and Application Delivery (SMAD) planning model integrates Lakeside's Systrack capabilities with other best practice tools and methodologies to ensure optimal performance design for end user productivity. The SMAD approach provides a fact based planning cycle which is then leveraged as a base line for future fine tuning.

"Together with IBM's proven technology expertise, research capabilities, and market leading partners like Lakeside, we are constantly innovating smarter workplace solutions for hundreds of clients worldwide helping them speed time to value."

Mary Jane Couldridge
IBM Global Director for Workplace Services
Sales Strategy and Execution
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DXC Technology

A product of the merger between CSC and the Enterprise Services business of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), DXC is a leading, independent, end-to-end IT services company. Their Workplace and Mobility Services arm helps organizations embrace the new ways of working in order to move to a secure, richer, digital workplace experience.

Through our partnership, Lakeside Software’s SysTrack helps enable DXC’s analytical capabilities for proactive support by providing DXC’s Workplace and Mobility Services arm with the endpoint visibility and analytics they need to resolve end user problems impacting productivity.

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HP focuses on simplifying technology experiences for its customers - from individual consumers to the large enterprises. Among HPs integral offerings is their Client Virtualization, Analysis and Modeling service, for planning and implementing successful virtualization projects.

Lakeside Software helps enhance this service by providing the superior end user experience data HP clients need to help implement HP client virtualization solutions and achieve a greater return on technology investments.

"One of the key success criteria for a client virtualization project is to understand the user segments in a customer environment, which are suited to Client Virtualization, and the workload your virtualized desktops will require.

Examining your current workload on existing clients, on a per user basis, is the best way of determining the server, storage, and network requirements you’ll need specific to your environment and usage, to accurately plan the implementation. Extending that understanding to the details of the applications and how they are used, as well as which applications can or should be virtualized, fills out the rest of the client virtualization picture. With these essential pieces of information you can effectively model your client virtualization infrastructure.

HP uses Lakeside’s SysTrack product, and has built our Client Virtualization, Analysis & Modeling service around that product, because of its specific capabilities to uncover these details."

Tom Norton
Microsoft Consulting
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NTT Data

NTT Data is a top 10 global IT Services provider whose Virtual Workspace Service Practice focuses on strengthening and simplifying user experience workspace virtualization.

Today, NTT Data’s Virtual Workspace Services uses SysTrack to examine the details of each user’s experience, develop personas, and pinpoint specific elements to determine what a user needs from their IT environment. With SysTrack, NTT Data is able to help IT organizations understand exactly what is the state of their environment using data directly from the organization’s environment.

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Fujitsu, the world’s fifth-largest IT services provider leading Japanese IT and communication technology company, has been one of the leading proponents for end user analytics.

Today, Fujitsu brings end user analytics to practice through their Workplace Anywhere offerings, providing organizations with a single platform in which to gather real time and historical data from any source.

Powered by SysTrack Technology, Fujitsu’s End User Analytics is able to provide their customers with end user analytics, end user experience, monitoring and hosted virtual desktop monitoring.

"SysTrack enhances our ability to analyze our customers’ environments and deliver improved end user experiences by deriving deeper insights from their data and usage. The dynamic dashboards allow us to create complex, real-time views into critical information on demand."

Nicholas Lee
Senior Director
End User Services
Fujitsu America
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A leading provider in consulting, technology and outsourcing services, Capgemini has been developing their My Workspace offering to deliver a single, secure platform through which users can access all of their data and services via any device.

Today, Lakeside Software helps enable Capgemini to optimize the My Workplace offering. By using SysTrack, Capgemini uses their customers’ end user data improve their IT services, end user experience, risk posture, and contract efficiency.

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Dell EMC

As a valuable member of the Dell Technologies family, Dell EMC today is a proud provider of infrastructure solutions that include servers, storage, networking, cloud and data/analytics

The EMC and Lakeside Software technology integration allows us to help customers and partners assess the optimal EMC storage infrastructure for their deployments, and helps to quantify performance gains that can be achieved from implementing EMC storage solutions. The result? Customers can tune and monitor deployments for peak performance and maximum ROI.

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IGEL, an endpoint management software provider, offers a wide variety of solutions to connect to virtual infrastructure, from zero clients to multi-protocol thin clients, and even software that repurposes existing hardware as a thin client.

Lakeside Software has partnered with IGEL to introduce the IGEL Thin Client assessment tool, one to help IT organizations drive the success of their Citrix VDI deployments when they select the right combination of IGEL endpoint solutions for their enterprise environments. The tool provides organizations with detailed recommendations for thin client deployments, from sizing the deployment to the type of thin client solution that best fits their environment.

"SysTrack’s IGEL assessment makes it dead simple for decision makers to find the correct IGEL OS based solutions for their virtual environments."

Simon Clephan
Vice President of Business Development
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Dell Wyse

SysTrack tracks, aggregates and reports comprehensive data on client mobility requirements and resource utilization, virtualization platform, graphics usage, number of monitors, and USB and other attached devices.

Dell Wyse is known for offering a secure and wide selection of reliable thin clients, VDI appliances, and software. The Wyse integration utilizes this data to make specific product and implementation recommendations for a Wyse client solution deployment and provides projected savings realized through this deployment. As a part of this integration, SysTrack also monitors and manages the post-deployment environment to assure continued optimized experience for Wyse users.

"There is a pervasive problem with VDI projects undersizing the resources needed per desktop to deliver acceptable desktop performance. Oftentimes this results in users having diminished experience with virtual desktops.

SysTrack MarketPlace helps IT teams identify the optimal system specifications required to deliver the desired virtual desktop user experience."

Jeff McNaught
Executive Director
Dell Wyse
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X-IO is an innovator in advanced data storage systems and an emerging leader in Edge Computing systems. Alongside X-IO, Lakeside has created a planning for VDI report that analyzes the current environment to provide insight into how it could benefit from a VDI solution using an X-IO storage solution.

"VDI is all about productivity and the end-user experience. One of the biggest challenges in architecting a predictable and resilient end user compute solution is determining the unpredictable nature of humans in our enterprises.

SysTrack offers incredible insight into what was once unpredictable and a “best guess” when it comes to sizing for storage performance and capacity in these complex architectures. Combining the intelligent reporting capabilities of SysTrack with X-IO’s unmatched ability to offer storage with a reliable, zero-touch, self-healing platform and high performance at full capacity, means no revenue impacting, second-surgery exercises and minimal helpdesk escalations for the life of the solution."

Blair Parkhill
Vice President of marketing
X-IO Technologies
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A leader in Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage, Nexenta believes in providing organizations the true benefits of Software-Defined Everything-centric Cloud Computing. As such they have partnered with Lakeside to collaborate in providing joint customers with the user experience data they need to make superior desktop transformation decisions. Our SysTrack solution provides definitive analysis to prove the value in optimizing cloud storage for virtualization with Nexenta.

"Enterprise customers are looking for ways to optimize their virtual desktop infrastructure deployments and the SysTrack MarketPlace leverages NexentaVSA for View’s OpenStorage architecture to simplify VDI deployments.

We are excited to be working with Lakeside Software to bring customers a solution that reduces total cost of ownership associated with a VDI, enhances user experience, and improves IT efficiency."

Alex Aizman
Chief Technology Officer
Nexenta Systems
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One of the fastest growing desktop virtualization companies in the world, NComputing focuses on providing a quick time-to-value, high performance and affordable desktop virtualization solution. To help bring this value to organizations Lakeside Software and NComputing have partnered in a report that to provide recommendations for the deployment of NComputing thin client devices with an analysis of key areas in the environment that can be improved.

"NComputing N-Series devices and management software are optimized for Citrix HDX, and leverage NComputing's 3rd generation Numo3 System-on-Chip(SoC) to deliver the 100% HDX performance at 1/3 the cost of alternative end-points.

Lakeside's SysTrack software interprets end user requirements based on observed usage in order to make actionable recommendations about how best to deploy NComputing N-Series endpoint devices to maximize end user experience with a Citrix XenDesktop, XenAapp and/or VDI-in-a-Box environment."

Raj Dhingra
Chief Executive Officer
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Coforge is a leading global IT solutions organization, enabling its clients to transform at the intersection of unparalleled domain expertise and emerging technologies to achieve real-world business impact. A focus on very select industries, a detailed understanding of the underlying processes of those industries, and partnerships with leading platforms provide them a distinct vantage. Coforge leverages AI, Cloud, and Insight-driven technologies, allied with industry expertise, to transform client businesses into intelligent, high-growth enterprises.

Coforge has partnered with Lakeside and leverages its Digital Experience Cloud platform to accurately measure the entirety of user experience and help IT proactively improve employee engagement. Lakeside's exhaustive workplace analytics capabilities help in making evidence-based decisions and enable Coforge to continuously understand the state and optimize the performance of EUC environments, both physical and virtual.

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Rimo3 is an automated Application Modernization Platform. It's easy to use, scalable, and cloud-based, accelerating the adoption of application workloads for physical, virtual, or hybrid cloud workspaces by rapidly determining the suitability and modernizing them. It's through this automated process that Rimo3 can help drive virtualized applications and desktops adoption at scale.

"Using Lakeside’s SysTrack technology, Rimo3 can harness the power of endpoint data to help organizations identify which critical applications should be assessed and tested for suitability, compatibility and performance for physical, virtual, and hybrid environments."

Eddie Powell
Vice President Global Alliances
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Founded in 2010, Stratodesk is redefining end-user computing by delivering an all-in-one solution for VDI, DaaS and IoT markets. Stratodesk’s cutting edge, Linux-based OS and management suite, NoTouch, is a next generation, hardware-agnostic solution that enables companies to cost-effectively manage their entire secure digital perimeter. Stratodesk’s solution works seamlessly across x86 and ARM/Raspberry Pi based hardware products to provide a unified platform for your endpoints. It increases endpoint security, simplifies user experience and allows customers to maximize the benefits of existing desktop hardware through PC Conversion.

Lakeside partners with Stratodesk in order to deliver advanced and greatly improved end-user experience to your entire VDI/cloud deployment. SysTrack integrates with Stratodesk, making specific and detailed insights into endpoint management a possibility to enterprises and organizations worldwide.

"Thanks to this excellent integration, IT leaders gain the vital combination of unmatched insight and management for all endpoints. NoTouch + SysTrack equals secure, reliable, cost effective remote work for enterprises everywhere."

Hernan Contreras
VP of Sales at Stratodesk
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Itexis develops software solutions for application monitoring and load testing. Their tools simulate user actions and measure response times to help identify bottlenecks within the application infrastructure and anticipate performance problems. Through a partnership with Lakeside Software, Itexis customers can join transaction data with SysTrack’s endpoint metrics to accelerate root cause analysis of poor application performance on both physical and virtual machines.

"‘This application is slow,’ is one of the most common complaints made to IT. What if IT could anticipate application performance issues and resolve them before an end user even noticed them, let alone contacted IT?

Due to our partnership with Lakeside Software, it is now possible to couple the load testing capabilities of the AppsLoad, AppsMon and AppsTiming suites with the extensive metrics collected by the SysTrack agent. By investigating SysTrack’s analytics at the exact moment of application slowness spelled out by Itexis solutions, IT can identify the ‘why’ of application performance problems and use that information to remediate them, resulting in improved quality of service and better end-user productivity."

Serge Levi

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