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Lakeside Prevent Makes Proactive IT More Possible

Leverage the power of rich digital experience data and the intelligence of AIOps without the complexity


Drive IT Operations Efficiency

Lakeside Prevent makes it possible for the entire IT support chain to be more proactive through intuitive workflows. With Prevent, you can leverage the power of rich digital experience data and the intelligence of AIOps without the complexity.

Prevent brings the value of improved operational efficiency and employee productivity by accelerating root cause analysis, democratizing proactive processes across the IT organization, and allowing you to not only understand top problems, but do something about them.

Never Miss a Chance to Prevent Problems

Richest data in the industry

10,000 metrics captured at the edge every 15 seconds

Intelligent edge detection

1300 sensors constantly searching for issues and anomalies

Out of the box fixes

220 prebuilt scripts to solve common problems plus the ability to use your own

Find and address top problems

Prevent cuts through the noise by surfacing real-time issues and categorizing them based on impact so you know what problems to tackle first for maximum digital experience improvement.

Automate problem resolution

Once you understand your high impact and frequent problems, Prevent helps you act on these insights with the ability to mass-heal critical issues with scripts as well as identify opportunities for self-healing, where an action is tied to a sensor for fully hands-off resolution. Lakeside provides hundreds of factory automations out of the box written by experts and packaged by use case, making it easy to get started with relevant scripts that work.

Add intelligence to change management

Wondering if a change such as an upgrade or patch had a positive or negative effect? Prevent removes the mystery from change management, so you can smoothly rollout changes without degrading digital employee experience.

Engage employees for better experiences

Prevent’s survey, announcements, and engagement pop-ups enable you to involve employees in the IT process, solicit feedback, and communicate important information.

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  • Shift IT from reactive to proactive
  • Reduce MTTR by up to 30%
  • Improve helpdesk and employee productivity
  • Reduce software and hardware budgets
  • Better enable the success of your digital workspace and digital transformation initiatives