Powerful root cause analysis to diagnose and resolve complex, estate-wide issues


Supercharge Your Desktop Engineering Team

In today’s hybrid working environment where employees are highly dependent on shadow IT and web services to be productive, it’s critical desktop engineering has a solution capable of rapidly providing a single-source of truth to understand and resolve more challenging incidents.  And with help desks overloaded with tickets, many of which are due to recurring issues, the ability to implement and automate resolutions across an entire estate is necessary not only for improving employee experience at scale, but also ensuring L1/L2 help desk resources are being used effectively and efficiently. 

A Disconnect Between IT and Employee Experience

Collecting actionable data from highly decentralized assets and managing a complex ecosystem of siloed technologies while providing flexibility and unified experiences for users across multiple environments is a monumental task.  And as the modern workforce is more distributed than ever, obtaining an accurate understanding of a user’s real experience is more difficult than ever before.   

Ultimately this results in employee device problems being resolved in an inefficient manner that reduces end user productivity while simultaneously draining scarce technical and financial resources. 

Support for Your Digital Workforce Right to the Edge 

Lakeside Resolve provides enhanced agility and efficiency to desktop engineering teams so they can ensure employees not only have the tools they need, but that these devices are performant, reliable, secure, and always connected.  It provides improved visibility across your entire estate, so you can more successfully deploy new technology across the business and optimize IT services. And finally, it allows you to proactively manage and improve end-user productivity while significantly reducing IT personnel involvement. 

Benefits of Lakeside Resolve

Explore Resolve's key capabilities and their impact on desktop engineering priorities

Heightened visibility into physical and virtual desktops 

With a built-in blackbox recorder that provides an unmatched record of the user, device, applications, connectivity, and resource consumption, coupled with continuous real-time monitoring of digital experience health, Resolve enables quick diagnosing of complex technical issues. Now you can eliminate service calls and remediate incidents before users are even aware of them. 

Prompt Problem Resolution 

Lakeside Resolve allows for continual employee experience improvement by simplifying and automating the problem-solving process while still allowing deep insight into the evolution of emerging trends. Resolve not only goes beyond mass-healing capability to self-healing functionality with automated user-engagements, it also pinpoints the most troublesome remote work challenges, allowing desktop engineering to quickly identify and audit network dependencies that are impacting user experience. 

Prioritized estate-wide incidents impacting digital employee experience

Lakeside Resolve continuously monitors literally hundreds of KPIs on every user system, tracking application behaviour, system performance and changes to user system configuration. Technicians are alerted when specified thresholds are exceeded, allowing them to make the necessary adjustments to proactively correct the problem.