Embracing Experience-Level Agreements (XLAs)

Forrester report defines key XLAs and offers best practices for implementation

Workplaces have changed around the world, shifting more toward flexible, work-from-anywhere environments that depend on effective technology to deliver quality employee experiences, improved productivity, and valuable business outcomes.

But how well does this technology really perform?

Although IT has long depended on traditional service level agreements to measure and monitor the outputs of these innovations, SLAs alone are no longer enough, according to the Forrester report “Best Practices: Embracing Experience-Level Agreements (XLAs).” Thoughtfully deployed experience-level agreements are needed to help fill in the blind spots surrounding digital experience and provide better business outcomes.

Download this complimentary copy of the report to learn more about:

  • Why traditional SLAs fall short when it comes to employees, IT, and service providers
  • Key ways XLAs differ from SLAs
  • The main challenges to creating and implementing successful XLAs
  • Best practices for deploying XLAs internally or with a managed service provider (MSP)
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