Desktop Transformation

Provide your end-users with a dynamic and managed digital workspace

The Challenge

Every three to five years, many businesses undergo major changes to their desktop infrastructure following requests for new functionality, cost savings and overall productivity improvements. These changes often have an impact on the way end-users work which is why IT is challenged to ensure all transitions occur smoothly. Workspace Analytics solutions can be a game-changer for any IT team planning, implementing or supporting a desktop transformation project as they can provide a holistic framework to assess, implement and monitor these projects according to their potential impact on  business productivity.

The SysTrack Solution

To transform any desktop estate to managed end-user workspaces without impacting user productivity, it is essential to gather information about how desktops are currently being used. With SysTrack, you can gather real usage data with no impact to system performance. SysTrack analyzes endpoint data, provides insights on this information and makes detailed recommendations for desktop transformation projects, from the users that should migrate to a new solution to which solution is best for your environment. The right solution should seamlessly improve end-user productivity while enhancing IT purview.

Align desktops with end-user needs

Increase return on end-user computing investments

Vet and validate vendor claims using real end-user data

Eliminate migration headaches

Measure end-user experience and track its improvement or decline

Gain insights into your environment that will help design, implement and monitor your desktop transformation projects

Desktop Transformation Use Cases

Desktop and Application Virtualization

The success of any desktop or application virtualization initiative depends on the accuracy of the workspace data used. SysTrack discovers and assesses workspace applications and services, quantifies their usage and resource consumption and aids in planning the design of application packages and virtual images. SysTrack also provides sizing recommendations for workspaces that can include virtual desktops, virtualized applications, terminal servers and virtual machine configurations.

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Planning for Desktop Virtualization

Windows 10 Migration

SysTrack can be a huge help for project managers leading migrations to Windows 10. SysTrack compliments existing project management tools and helps you monitor and audit the project in real-time, making sure the project is progressing in the right direction and not impacting end-user productivity before, during or after implementation. SysTrack helps you see migration problems, often ahead of time, and gives you the real-time and analytical data you need to make rapid decisions and take corrective action on Windows 10 migrations, saving time and money.

Office 365 and Cloud Service Adoption

All users interact with applications to do their jobs. That is why knowing what applications are useful for which users is a critical part of strategically provisioning IT resources, from licenses to commensurate support. In the case of Office 365, in order to provide optimal end-user experience to all users, it is important to understand the needs of users and SLA providers. SysTrack makes it easy to align user personas with licenses, as well as monitor and troubleshoot performance issues with SaaS applications.

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Office 365 Planning with SysTrack

Managing The Desktop Lifecycle Isn’t a Project

Desktop Transformation should be managed as a continuous component of the IT lifecycle, not a “set-and-forget” project. Using our methodology, IT professionals can achieve user work spaces through a process that presents a clear picture of the effects each action has on the overall environment.

Step 1

Continuously gather live data from existing desktops

Step 2

Analyze the data for context

Step 3

Identify the best transformation strategy

Step 4

Transform the desktop

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