IT Asset Optimization

Derive the most value out of your IT assets


Measure the Performance and Usage of IT Resources and Services

When it comes to software, hardware and services, IT teams have limited visibility into not only the performance of these assets from a user perspective but also how they are being used. This can make it difficult to measure the success of IT investments, identify problem areas and pinpoint root causes of issues. SysTrack provides you with visibility into software and hardware assets, so that you can know about any inefficiencies like unused licenses, maxed out storage, under-performing resources, rarely used apps and hardware and more.

Know what applications their versions, packages and licenses as well as what use they are given

Identify the right hardware and software resources for each user based on their usage and workstyle

Pinpoint the optimal time for a hardware refresh

Know of all the servers, desktops, hardware and software in your environment

Assess your readiness for hardware upgrades, OS migrations, new vendor solutions, VDI and more

Find root causes of failures and performance degradation

Asset Optimization Use Cases

Need-Based Procurement

“Does our technology fit our business needs?”  is a question looming over the heads of many IT teams. The truth is that just as you may experience improvements in costs and workflow from new technologies, you may also see a heaping number of unnecessary applications, licenses, processing power and storage. With SysTrack’s need-based procurement capabilities, you can track the utilization of nearly every IT resource on every physical or virtual desktop. This capability helps you optimize IT procurement and ongoing IT maintenance according to actual business need, not gut.

Need-Based Procurement for Office 365

Software Utilization 

From cost reduction initiatives to software audits, there are many reasons why application license utilization management has increased in popularity. SysTrack uniquely monitors and analyzes endpoint data and provides you with an accurate view into the licensing landscape along with its utilization. The result? IT that is powered to efficiently manage application licenses based on actual need and usage.

Hardware Performance Management

Are we due for a refresh? Do we need to invest in more resource to support demand? These are questions that any enterprise IT department needs to answer but often has to estimate to the best of their abilities. SysTrack captures configuration and performance data on devices in your environment to facilitate hardware performance management. The solution also couples that with usage data of critical compute resources to determine where to allocate investment, what to refresh, and more.

Case Study
Manufacturing — Global Automotive | Resource Optimization

Application Performance Management

It is not rare to encounter a scenario where an application monitoring tool indicates an app is working fine but still be the source of frustration for a user. That is where application performance management comes in. With SysTrack’s capabilities for application performance management, you can track how all applications are supporting or hindering user experience based off how much critical resource they consume, usage details, and more. From there, SysTrack can provide you with the details you need to restore user experience and make strategic improvements in the environment - like updating an application because it is not compatible with Windows 10.

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Application Performance Management vs Monitoring: The Top 3 Differences

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