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Digital Workplace Optimization

Right-size EUC technology, monitor its performance, and provide users with a workplace designed for productivity. 

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Know all the devices, hardware, and software in your environment.

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Right-size workplace technology based on end-user needs, not estimates.

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Eliminate migration headaches by running a measured desktop transformation project.

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Gather data for designing, implementing, and monitoring desktop transformation projects.

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Vet and validate vendor claims using real end-user data.

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Improve return on end-user computing investments.

Digital workplace optimization for your business needs

Endpoint transformation

Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud can be a huge help for project managers leading migrations to new and different technologies. Our platform complements existing project management tools and helps you monitor and audit the project in real time, making sure the project is progressing in the right direction and not impacting end-user productivity before, during, or after implementation.  

Our artificial intelligence-powered solution also helps you spot migration problems, often ahead of time, and provides the analytical data you need to make rapid decisions and take corrective action on migrations, saving both time and money. 

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Hardware rationalization 

Accurately evaluating hardware performance from a user perspective, not to mention how these devices are actually being used day-to-day, is a critical step for planning and optimizing workplaces. Without it, teams face difficulties right-sizing migrations, streamlining refreshes, and pinpointing measuring the success of IT investments. 

Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud provides you with that necessary knowledge of hardware assets, allowing faster discovery of any inefficiencies such as under-performing devices, over-provisioned hardware, unnecessary upgrades, and more. 

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Application analysis 

All users interact with applications to do their jobs. That’s why knowing what applications are useful for which users is a critical part of strategically provisioning IT resources — from licenses to commensurate support.  

In order to provide an optimal digital experience to all users, it’s important to understand the needs of users and service level agreement (SLA) providers. Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud makes it easy to align user personas with licenses, as well as monitor and troubleshoot performance issues with software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. 

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Managing the desktop lifecycle isn’t a one-off project

Desktop transformation should be managed as a continuous component of the IT lifecycle, not a “set-and-forget” project. With Lakeside, IT professionals can create dynamic and agile workplaces through a process that presents a clear picture of the effects each action has on the overall environment.

Desktop Transformation Steps

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