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Improve employee end-user experience and productivity.

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Quantify user experience to support productive workplaces

SysTrack monitors all the factors that impact end-user experience directly from the digital workplace and then analyzes that data to provide you with an accurate view into the current state of your end-user computing environment. The solution intelligently calculates an end-user experience score and provides you with the data you need to ensure that score is up to your standards.

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Quantify user experience using SysTrack's user experience score.

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Know how many productive work hours have been lost due to specific IT resources.

Real-time analysis of IT performance and usage data icon

Perform real-time and historical analysis of IT performance and usage data.

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Diagnose and resolve IT resources impacting productivity.

Use SysTrack sensors to monitor user experience icon

Use SysTrack sensors to monitor user experience, find trends, and auto-remediate issues.

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Discover and diagnose which IT resources are impacting user experience the most, and correct them.

End-user experience use cases

Remote workforce

Whether it’s supporting employees working in their office, their home, or any combination of the two, today’s digital business needs end-user services to be fully functional across all working environments. In this new era of working, specialized capabilities are required to proactively manage devices both inside and outside corporate networks, as well as quickly deploy whatever applications are needed to support overall user productivity. With the ability to accurately monitor both online and offline devices, and having an entire library of customized tools for remote working use cases, SysTrack helps IT bridge the gap in supporting a highly distributed digital workforce.

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End-user engagement

Employees are most engaged when they have the tools they need to be productive, and are able to use these tools without frequent disruptions. IT teams have a direct impact on providing this employee experience, however, often lack the capability to properly monitor experience from the end-user’s perspective. SysTrack not only allows for a unified view across your entire estate, but also quantifies the productivity impact those issues have on end users. When downtime is identified, IT teams can use SysTrack to expedite problem resolution and minimize any lost productivity.

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Persona management

IT leaders responsible for end-user computing are challenged with determining the right set of tools for specific users while keeping costs down. SysTrack and its persona framework segment your users based on their monitored workstyles and continuously determine the right endpoint, application, and delivery methods for their diverse requirements rather than in an antiquated “set-and-forget” fashion.

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