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Empowering IT to root out estate-wide issues, proactively address problems, automate resolutions, and improve efficiency.

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Insightful tools for IT operations

Gleaning meaningful and actionable insights from across a complex digital environment can be difficult without the right tools. That’s why Lakeside Software’s Digital Experience Cloud, powered by SysTrack, aims to transform the service desk experience — from Level 0 all the way up. Combining powerful artificial intelligence capabilities with our unmatched data collection, Lakeside’s IT service solutions help every level of the service desk identify and remediate issues while streamlining workflows, increasing efficiency, and improving overall end-user experience.

What is Level 0?

Using an eliminate-automate-leverage approach, Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud identifies recurring and common incidents using artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) and triages them based on their end-user experience impact. While issues are being researched, affected users can be notified that IT is aware of the issue, and when a solution is available, it can automatically be rolled out to all those impacted without the need for service desk engagement.

Take IT Service to a Whole New Level

1. Sensors

Monitor user experience, IT resource performance, and device health. 

2. Pattern discovery

Discover and triage issues impacting the IT estate. 

3. Causality

Automatically identify and analyze root causes. 

4. Resolution

Self-heal, self-service, or — when necessary — escalate. 

IT service solutions for every level

Proactive Services 

As more and more end users depend on devices, stable internet connections, and cloud services to get work done from anywhere, it’s not enough for IT to simply react to issues. Productivity now depends on IT’s ability to effectively and efficiently predict and prevent problems before they impact users. 

Lakeside’s Proactive Services harness the power of rich digital experience data and intelligent insights without the complexity of traditional artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) tools. By automating incident detection, troubleshooting, and resolution, as well as streamlining workflows, Lakeside makes robust proactive service operations possible for more members of the IT support team. 

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L1/L2 All-in-One Workspace 

Why go through the lengthy and disruptive process of asking end users for information about issues when you can get the vital troubleshooting details you need straight from affected devices? 

Lakeside’s Level 1-2 All-in-One Workspace is a one-stop hub designed specifically for lower-level IT staff to quickly diagnose and resolve issues with minimal impact to end users. By only surfacing details relevant to lower-tier workflows, your staff can see more, know more, and do more to speed up triaging, reduce first-contact resolution (FCR) times, lower, mean time to resolution (MTTR), and improve digital employee experience. 

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L3 Root Cause Analysis 

Given the scale and complexity of many IT environments and endpoints today, IT often struggles in pinpointing the exact root causes of system failures, latency, or performance decay. Using a built-in black box recorder, Lakeside’s L3 Root Cause Analysis solution leverages historical data and powerful diagnostics to identify widespread issues, drill down into root cause, and auto-remediate issues. 

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