Software Utilization

Optimize usage and reduce IT costs through effective app license management

The Key to Productivity

At a time when dispersed workforces depend on video conferencing, productivity apps, and other tools to connect and get the job done, having the right software can be critical. But it can also be a challenge to manage all the apps, versions, packages, and licenses needed across complex digital environments, too. That’s why the key to keeping employees productive depends on IT’s ability to track software details and understand how these assets are being used. 

Underutilized Software Can Be Costly

Poor software management can take a costly toll on organizations. All too often, underused/unused software bog down devices, burden IT with unnecessary maintenance, and put a strain on resources and budgets. Mismanaging licenses, too, can impact employee output, preventing many users from getting the license upgrades needed to enhance their digital employee experience and boost productivity. To prevent these issues, IT teams need expanded visibility across digital environments to determine what software is installed, how it's being used, and what employees really need.

of IT leaders consider reclamation of software assets to be one of the most valuable DEM use cases.
of IT leaders believe right-sizing software and hardware for employee needs is a medium to very high priority for their organizations.
of IT leaders agree better visibility into employee software usage before executing a technology migration is useful for supporting an effective DEX.

Better Software Management with Lakeside

To fully utilize software and gain the most value, organizations turn to Lakeside Software’s Digital Experience Cloud, our digital experience management platform powered by SysTrack. 

Lakeside’s cloud-based solution allows IT teams to quickly audit installed software and find specific details — including versions, patches, licenses, etc. — gathered from endpoints located in or outside the office. It also provides insights into usage, such as how often an app is launched and users’ “focus time” within these programs, to create a more complete picture of what software is essential versus what is underused or completely unused.  

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