Big Data for End-User Computing – An Introduction

There are a tremendous number of conversations going on regarding Big Data in the enterprise, and the IT industry is certainly not an exception. In fact, IT represents a particularly interesting area in the exploration of interrelated datasets and user behaviors as it provides not only supporting infrastructure and server data, but the much more interesting distributed endpoint usage. This allows characterization of end-user behavior across platforms to start drawing some very valuable conclusions about how to deliver solutions and improve work experience with workstations, applications, and mobile devices.

In general the principle is fairly straightforward: by using a distributed database architecture and capturing details on the local device SysTrack uses the power of each client for analysis and summarization. This frees up central resources that may otherwise be tied up with resource intensive traditional big data solutions with heavy infrastructure requirements. That way our End-User Computing Big Data platform can capture the thousands of data points that are generated every second on an endpoint and perform meaningful analysis in real-time. With our latest version (SysTrack 7.0) we also leverage an innovative operational packet of processed data to communicate health and application activity from each endpoint to provide immediate insight into utilization across a deployment.

Florian mentioned DaaS as one specific area of interest for Big Data oriented around end-user compute devices, but there’s really a lot more that can be determined from the various devices that users interact with. SysTrack provides a wealth of information that makes workforce management and characterization simple. This includes everything from software rationalization to performance characterization to not only perform transformations to be completed to improve user experience, but also develop new workflows and business solutions.

Another interesting facet to SysTrack’s DataMine is the ability to integrate other solutions or analytical engines in with the processed datasets provided through our architecture. With OpenAPI many leading technology solutions, such as Citrix AppDNA and ServiceNow, can take advantage of our data management techniques from the client to gain insight into environmental characteristics like deployed software and utilization habits to augment their solutions.

Check out our new whitepaper about Big Data for EUC to find out more about how SysTrack leverages its unique architecture to provide actionable information without the complexity.

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