Brian Madden on The State of Desktop Virtualization


TechTarget published the E-Guide “The State of Desktop Virtualization in 2013″ towards the end of last year. In it, industry analyst and renowned virtualization specialist Brian Madden analyses the results of a large scale survey that Tech Target conducted earlier.

Even though a majority of the survey respondents indicate that they are going to increase the adoption and investment in desktop virtualization, a few key concerns remain:

  • 43% of respondents are nervous about VDI performance over the WAN
  • 46% indicate that they’d had issues with end-user experience not being good. Some of the highlights in this category are challenges related to slow networks (read slow overall performance), unsupported peripherals, and video performance.

VDI performance is key to user satisfaction

User satisfaction with any new solution is key to its adoption. Most users are willing to accept virtual desktop performance that is slightly lower than that of a traditional PC – mostly because the virtual desktop allows them to work in ways that they could not previously (more flexibly, from home, while on the road, etc.). However, it is very difficult for IT to accurately figure out ahead of time how the solution will perform and how the end-user experience will look like.

Here at Lakeside Software, we have been building solutions for end-user analytics and performance management for almost two decades with an early focus on virtualized applications and desktops. User experience is not impossible to manage or predict, and it’s actually easy to do when the right tools are used. Check us out at https://www.lakesidesoftware.com/.

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