Citrix Guest Blog: SysTrack and XenApp/XenDesktop

My name is Mayunk Jain and I manage Technical Marketing for HDX technologies at Citrix Systems, Inc. I am excited to author my first guest article on the Lakeside Software’s blog today and would like to talk about the Citrix – Lakeside Partnership and specifically about our joint value in the XenApp and XenDesktop space.

Citrix and Lakeside Software have been working together for almost two decades now and our relationship goes back to the roots of Resource Manager Services in MetaFrame and maybe even back in the WinFrame days.

Today, Lakeside Software markets and sells its SysTrack product, which is certified by the Citrix Ready partner program.

Here at Citrix on the Windows App Delivery side, we’re focused on the development of the XenApp and XenDesktop product lines and many of our customers are thinking about upgrading their IMA based XenApp farms to the latest and greatest FMA based architecture. In order to make this process as easy as possible, we developed Project Serenity (try the tech preview here), which helps customers automate the replication of published applications, policies, and settings from XenApp 6.5 environments to a new deployment running XenApp 7.6 or XenDesktop 7.6.

SysTrack can actually add tremendous value to this process and Lakeside Software describes the process and the methodology in their latest XenApp migration whitepaper.

In a nutshell, organizations can leverage SysTrack to determine detailed statistics about the existing XenApp deployment. Think about it as deep insights into  the daily operational items. What applications are being launched? What other processes and applications are executed as part of that initial session? Which backend application resources does the XenApp server connect to? What resources does each user consume over the course of a session, a week, a month? What is the user experience like? The answer to all these questions can contribute to optimize the environment when implementing XenApp 7.6.

More importantly, SysTrack adds value as an on-going assessment tool. Many organizations think of IT assessment as a one-time event. However, the truth is that visibility into every operational parameter, alarm, alert, dashboard, or trend is an on-going assessment of the day-to-day situation that triggers certain actions. One example of this is the integration Lakeside has been working on with the Citrix HDX protocol and NVIDIA GRID cards, which enable virtual delivery of complex and high-fidelity visual computing and 3D graphics use cases when GPUs are used. SysTrack can uncover the applications that benefit from this technology, providing guidance on the sizing, segmentation, and health monitoring of user sessions and their GPU-specific parameters.

Another example is SysTrack’s ability to consume, process, and analyze additional data from the Citrix Director and provide a single pane of glass reporting across all end user computing systems.

While I can’t give away the details quite yet, I fully expect us to deepen the relationship and SysTrack adding more functionality and value to our joint customers. Watch this space, and follow me on @mayunkj for more information as it becomes available.

We recently released a joint solution brief for Citrix and Lakeside technologies. If you are interested, download a 90-day free trial for XenApp and contact Lakeside Software for more information on SysTrack.

I am excited about the possibilities for our customers and hope to back on these pages soon.

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