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Exclusive findings about remote work, digital employee experience, and business outcomes from C-level, end user, and IT leader perspectives

Digital workplaces are at a crossroads.

More than a year after organizations shifted from the office to remote work, business leaders have moved well past crisis mode and business continuity concerns. Now the focus is on what comes next, getting a sense of what’s down the road, and deciding what direction to take.

For many, however, the path ahead is clear. When it comes to productivity growth, controlling costs, and achieving greater profitability, digital employee experience is more important than ever before.

Our new report, The Future of Digital Workplaces, takes a close and thorough look at the potential power digital employee experience holds for the future of work. Conducted in March and April of this year, we asked different organizational stakeholders — C-level, IT leaders, and employees — in a variety of industries across the globe about remote work, service desk operations, and business outcomes to understand the current state of digital workplaces.



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And our research yielded some truly astonishing results, including:

  • More than half of C-suite and 6 out of 10 employees say their companies’ DEX quality is just average or worse. Yet 60% of IT rates their companies’ DEX as good or superior, showing a clear digital divide.
  • Although C-level respondents say digital employee experience is a medium to very high priority since the pandemic, about half say their organizations don’t measure DEX.
  • There’s a nearly 14% productivity gain potential given the right digital employee experience, according to C-level respondents.
  • CEOs believe a 12.1% revenue increase and 18.1% cost reduction is possible with significantly improved digital experience.
  • Applied to the revenue of the Global Fortune 500, better digital employee experience could unlock a potential $4 trillion.

With these findings and more, we believe organizations can start to drive better digital employee experience changes and priorities. They can take action to help close the divides that exist between employees, IT, and senior management, and improve productivity for their workforces and outcomes for their businesses.

Then we’ll be well on our way toward building better digital workplaces.

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