Digital Experience Cloud

Digital Employee Experience for Today’s Distributed Workplace

In today’s hybrid working environment where employees are almost entirely dependent on edge-based digital devices to get their jobs done, it’s imperative that organizations adopt technology with a distinct set of capabilities optimized for this new era of working.

Unfortunately, current tools have not been built for the modern hybrid working environment. Research and actual workplace experience overwhelmingly prove a major gap exists between the level of digital experience needed to be most productive and the sub-optimal one most employees are actually having. So why is this happening?

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Lack of Visibility

Superior digital employee experience starts with complete, user-based endpoint visibility. Current tools are incapable of monitoring these devices with remote employees. IT cannot fix what they do not know.

Reactive IT Processes

Traditional help desks typically wait for incidents to be reported and then react to resolve them as quickly as possible. ​However, with up to 80% of employee IT issues unreported, such a reactive process is inefficient and often ineffective.

Fragmented Experience Management

As employees and their devices become more distributed and diverse, improving their experience means prescriptively right-sizing and successfully deploying new technology for the unique needs of every employee on any device anywhere. Without modern tools, only a fraction of digital employee experience can be managed, and therefore improved.

What is truly needed is a platform that can be used for any use case, on any device, anywhere.

Core Elements of
Digital Experience Cloud

To deliver an incredible digital employee experience, we believe you need 3 core elements:

1. A Foundation of Complete User Data

Accurate insights are impossible with incomplete data. Digital employee experience requires capturing the entirety of end-user experience with granular edge-based telemetry data, unifying real-time data with historical context, incorporating user survey and engagement feedback, and doing so without compromising user privacy.

2. Accurate Analysis that Drives Faster Action

Using real-time experience data, anomalies should ideally be remediated on edge devices locally, and without intervention from IT. For more complicated issues, IT must rapidly gain an understanding of what is happening, and then be empowered to quickly resolve the problem without impact to user productivity and engagement.

3. Adaptable Experience Management

A distributed workforce requires a platform designed to be deployed in an agile way and scale without operational penalty or user interruptions. It also needs to support a wide range of use cases across multiple departments and devices ranging from virtual and physical desktops to mobile devices, to IoT devices and beyond.


Here’s how our Digital Experience Cloud helps you meet these needs.

The Foundational Layer


Complete Experience Data

By capturing the entirety of end-user experience, Digital Experience Cloud provides IT with the most complete and accurate set of actionable data available. With thousands of metrics covering real-time experience captured every 15 seconds from the edge, this rich repository of content means the digital divide between IT and employees has never been smaller.

The Interpretation Layer


Intelligent Analytics

Leveraging real-time user experience data and artificial intelligence, Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud automatically identifies and resolves anomalies on the endpoint before they impact employee productivity. And for more complex estate-wide issues, it empowers IT with the ability deeply understand and proactively optimize the user environment.

Digital Experience Cloud The Engine


Unified, Edge-based Experience Management

Built from the ground up as a cloud-native platform and optimized to be deployed wherever work is being done, Digital Experience Cloud allows you to completely transform digital employee experience across your enterprise and add holistic operational intelligence where it is needed most to a broad range of use cases.

Employees Work Anywhere.
Make Sure Their Experience is Improved Everywhere

Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud provides enhanced agility and efficiency to IT teams so they can shift from reactive to proactive IT and ensure a new a new era of edge-based devices are performant, reliable, secure, and always connected.

By leveraging the power of this enhanced digital employee experience lifecycle, every organization will be able to address the following questions at all times:

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