Expand Enterprise Operations with Digital Experience Cloud 10.1

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Lakeside’s cloud-based platform now features improved reliability, scalability, and ease of use, as well as added value for enterprises


As much as enterprise IT operations have adapted to meet new and urgent challenges with remote and hybrid work in recent years, the job isn’t done. Digital employee experience continues to drive major digital transformations that are reshaping enterprises for the future.

But the more dispersed workforces depend on their devices and cloud apps to be productive from anywhere, the more difficult it can be for enterprises to be agile, effectively scale, and deliver reliable IT services while also deepening business value.

That’s why Lakeside Software has expanded its cloud capabilities with enterprises in mind in the newly released Digital Experience Cloud 10.1. By helping to meet the needs of dynamic digital workplaces, the latest version of the Digital Experience Cloud, powered by SysTrack, offers added value in several key ways:

  • For organizations that need an enterprise-ready digital employee experience (DEX) tool for digital transformation, Lakeside provides an extremely scalable, robust, and secure cloud SaaS platform so you can implement digital transformation and optimize DEX.
  • Improved flexibility and geographic expansion so that the Digital Experience Cloud can be more widely adopted.
  • For desktop engineers and application managers who need a flexible cloud tool to improve IT efficiency, Lakeside provides quicker time to value by removing blockers with enhanced cloud performance and reliability.
  • For help desk managers that need to improve troubleshooting, Lakeside provides expanded self-help capabilities so they can provide a tailored SysTrack experience.

Here’s a closer look at some of the major updates in version 10.1.


Enterprise Readiness

To meet the needs of new and expanding hybrid workplaces, Digital Experience Cloud 10.1 has enhanced scalability for enterprises. The cloud solution’s multi-tenant architecture can now support up to 200,000 endpoints per instance — a 167% increase in scalability — that is set to grow with future releases.

Lakeside has also extended the Digital Experience Cloud’s global reach, launching new instances in the United Arab Emirates and France to meet geographical and regulatory requirements. These additions are part of Lakeside’s expanding cloud network that also includes the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, and Australia.



Digital Experience Cloud, Powered by SysTrack



Cloud Enhancements

Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud already eliminates the need for physical, on-premise servers and data centers that can be difficult and costly to maintain. But with new enhancements found in version 10.1, Lakeside has made it even easier for enterprises to use the Digital Experience Cloud for seamless digital experience management (DEM).

The new release offers improved data collection for cloud customers using VMware and Citrix integrations, supported by the Digital Experience Cloud’s enhanced and expanded single application program interfaces (APIs). Lakeside is also beta launching a SQLite database Windows agent that will allow for more reliable local data collection for cloud customers.



Digital Experience Cloud vs. On-Prem



Other Key 10.1 Release Features

Streamlined dashboard search

A sleeker user interface and enhanced tagging make it easier for cloud customers to access specific dashboards and pertinent data. In addition to an open search and creating a list of favorites, IT professionals can now choose from a list of categories and personas for faster insights.

Digital Experience Cloud 10.1 now features a new, streamlined dashboard search UI to help customers find their data faster.

Enhanced self-help control capabilities

To help right-fit different digital environments, version 10.1 gives IT administrators the flexibility to hide the Self-Help IT Portal while still leveraging engagements and surveys. A new page in Lakeside Prevent also gives administrators the ability to hide sensors in the Self-Help app to prevent confusion or false alarms for end users.

Administrators can now control which sensors to hide through Lakeside Prevent.

Sensor updates

In addition to 17 new sensors, several sensor descriptions and names have also been reviewed and rewritten to help streamline workflows and support.

Application improvements

Lakeside Assist, an all-in-one Level 1/Level 2 workspace, now features an open detail panel and an auto-refresh option for agents to quickly view troubleshooting results.

Lakeside customers will also find updated cloud and on-prem user guides for Lakeside’s Configure and Resolve apps.

User guides for Lakeside’s Configure and Resolve apps have been updated to reflect both cloud and on-prem platform features.


Increased accessibility and security

The Digital Experience Cloud now features more accessibility, with WCAG 2.1 AA level of conformance, as well as security enhancements.


Make the Most of Digital Experience Cloud 10.1

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