Introducing Productivity Cost: The Bottom-Line Impact Calculation of DEX

Calculate the actual cost of bad digital experiences and provide high-level data to help executives drive more strategic business decisions

Recent economic uncertainty has driven many organization to do more with even less. Unfortunately, that puts IT leaders in a tough spot.

You’re responsible for assuring the success of key business priorities including revenue growth, employee satisfaction, and customer experience. But at the same time, you’re driving digital transformation projects, data analytics investments, and IT security enhancements.

The Lakeside Software team understands the massive role these leaders play in the success of enterprises. With Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud, powered by SysTrack, we help IT understand the root cause of reported issues and take immediate action to remediate, proactively monitor IT health, view issues from across the enterprise, and optimize your IT spending. And now, with our newest features to Executive Insights, we help communicate the value of everything that IT is doing back to your business counterparts in the kind language they want to hear — bottom-line, financial outcomes.


The Value of DEX
How Much Do Bad Digital Experiences Cost Your Enterprise?

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Report on the Business Value of Your Enterprise’s IT Health

As more CIOs are forced to justify the expense of digital transformation projects, Lakeside has made the cost of poor end-user experiences across your enterprise easier to find. The new productivity cost field in SysTrack’s Executive Insights app translates poor user experience into a metric that business leaders will immediately understand. Prove the value of your digital initiatives and elevate digital employee experience (DEX) into business terms with this automatically calculated currency value.


Executive Insights
Drive informed business strategies >and decisions with high-level data


Operationalize Around a Data-Driven Strategy

After identifying the biggest areas of productivity loss — whether it’s employees of a specific business unit, geographic region, or workstation — Lakeside breaks down the top issues behind the impact.

In other words, what is causing your employee’s digital health scores to drop and productivity costs to rise? Issues such as latency, memory, or disk space can be prioritized based on the impact they have on an organization’s digital health and bottom line.

ROI Insights Built on an Unrivaled Foundation of Endpoint Data Collection

SysTrack’s applications, including Executive Insights, are powered by our unrivaled visibility of every employee’s device with rich breadth, depth, and historical context. Our continuous collection of data points that impact employees’ digital experience combined with executive-style reporting provides comprehensive, up-leveled insights that are optimized for strategy planning.

Experience Actionable Executive Insights

Discover how to drive business strategies and decisions with high-level data. Request a customized demo to learn more.

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