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Collection from the Endpoint

With so many aspects of enterprise computing being managed or hosted externally, Lakeside’s point of view that end-user experience is the most important metric in IT rings loud and clear. Why? Because now more than ever, not only is the endpoint one of the last resources that can be managed by enterprise IT but it is and has been the best POV into the state of enterprise IT from where essential data can be captured to plan rollouts, monitor the digital experience, track resource performance, find the root cause of issues, and much more.

This vision is at the core of our product, SysTrack, a workspace analytics solution that brings endpoint-level visibility to IT and helps them monitor, analyze and optimize their environment for end-user experience and productivity. Here is a short introduction into our awardwinning solution

All About the Endpoint

SysTrack’s endpoint agent treats every system resource (memory, disk, compute) as an extreme luxury to ensure that it leaves as small a footprint as is technologically possible. This is accomplished through creative use of demand driven data collection, developing a patented distributed database approach to information management.

SysTrack Agent Services Screenshot

Learn more with the How SysTrack Works White Paper

So why is this important? With the agent having nominal impact on endpoint performance, it provides a way to collect an abundance of data straight from the endpoint in real-time (every 15 seconds!). This provides a unique inside-out point of view by showing you how end users are truly experiencing and using their IT environment. So what data does the agent collect?

Collect the Data IT Needs

This answer can vary due to what the admin might want from the agent. The platform ships with a core set of default computational counters and proprietary continuously calculated values that are shared commonly.

SysTrack Screenshot - User Experience Summary, Trending Health Metrics, Top users Experience Impacts, Trending Analytics

As you can see above, the data SysTrack collects can be used to determine how productive your end users in your environment are. For instance, one way our customers extract high value from SysTrack is through the use of SysTrack’s end-user experience scoring capabilities. Using endpoint data, the solution calculates and presents IT with an end-user experience score that takes into consideration any potential impacts on end-user experience (such as, but not limited to, CPU, memory, latency, disk). With that score and the breadth and depth of the endpoint data gathered by SysTrack, you can better determine which users might be having poorer experience than others, what you can do to remediate IT issues, where your environment is underperforming, how your latest rollout has impacted users, and so much more.

Making IT’s Life Easier

SysTrack provides endpoint visibility IT can then use to optimize all aspects of the end-user computing environment, including end-user experience. As a workspace analytics platform, SysTrack enables IT to improve how people use technology to carry out the business processes that encompass their jobs by way of four practices: Digital Experience MonitoringAsset Optimization, Event Correlation and Analysis, and Desktop Transformation. It provides an easy way to monitor end users in real-time which leads to further insight on:

  • “How are my end users doing after migrating to Windows 10?”
  • “Are my users really using all the applications I provide them?”
  • “Is x issue impacting one user or a larger group?”
  • “Why is my end user’s experience decreasing?”
  • “Does this new technology make sense for my environment?”
  • “How can I right-size my next deployment?”

SysTrack User Details Screenshot

SysTrack is a workspace analytics platform that can not only enable end user productivity but ease your mind of IT headaches. It provides a clear way to understand how your end users interact with their environment and what you can do to improve end-user experience. Want to learn more about the SysTrack method? Request a demo today!

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