The Power of AI in Transforming IT: Who’s Throwing Out the First Pitch

Like every new shiny object lobbed across today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, AI, especially generative AI, has lost a little bit of its luster to pragmatism. Don’t get us wrong: every company is trying to catch the AI ball in a deep-pocketed glove. But no one will score a homerun with generative AI without strategic, pragmatic plays for specific use cases. Powerful players from End User Computing, Digital Experience Monitoring, and Digital Employee Experience teams are in the dugout, waiting for their time at bat. 

It seems the clock is winding down fast. Just look at this year’s agenda for the Gartner® Digital Workplace Summit, March 18-19, in Grapevine, Texas — the World Series of all things related to the Digital Workplace. Here are some of the session titles: “How to Be the Generative AI Champion Your CIO and Organization Need,” “4 Use Cases for Generative AI and ChatGPT in the Digital Workplace,” “The Perils and Promises of Microsoft 365 Copilot.”  

Indeed, generative AI is the opener and the closer. Batters, up! The burning question is, “Who’s Throwing the First Pitch?” More important, “Who’s Going to Score a Home Run?” 

The Winning Strategy: AI That Speaks IT™ 

We at Lakeside are particularly excited about this year’s Gartner® Digital Workplace Summit, as we see the value in generative AI for IT use cases in the near term. As a company that’s been atop a mound of data for more than 25 years, we know there is a winning strategy when AI and IT join the same team. For generative AI (or any AI model for that matter) to deliver measurable value for IT, however, it must speak the language of IT. Only AI that’s purpose-built for IT solutions to solve challenges such as IT ticket overload or lack of visibility of preventable IT issues can boast any staying power.  

We know that the homerun of all homeruns — autonomous IT — will take more than just intelligence; it needs brawn, too (that is, robust data to feed the AI models to make them even smarter and more strategic).  

As Lakeside Software VP of Solution Engineers Geoff Hixon recently pointed out, “It will be important to harness more complex data to make better-functioning AI models, as your AI is going to be only as good as your data.”  

What does this mean to Lakeside customers committed to transforming their IT capabilities? You can find out when Geoff hosts a chat with two customers (Point72 and Jack Henry & Associates) during Lakeside’s “AI That Speaks IT: Better Data, Better Insights” theater session on Monday 03/18 at 1:10pm CT.  Dan Perlick, Vice President – DWS Global Sales and Offerings, Kyndryl, will join Geoff; Bryon Ezell, TS-System Engineering and Operations, Manager, Jack Henry & Associates; and Javier Santana, Systems Engineer, Point72, to discuss the role of data, data insights, and the AI journey for IT now and in the future. 

Some topics they will cover include: 

  • Common problems enterprises are trying to solve in the area of Digital Experience Monitoring. 
  • Ways proactive IT enables teams to “shift left” to improve the digital employee experience. 
  • Hopes for AI purpose-built for IT. 
  • Insights related to AI use cases for digital experience monitoring. 
  • Advice for those who are building out End User Computing or DEX strategies at their own organizations.  

Game On!  

As the IT landscape continues to evolve, suiting up for AI that speaks IT will become paramount for IT leaders. Lakeside Software’s SysTrack platform provides a robust foundation for organizations embarking on the AI journey. Stop by our Booth #414 to learn more. Be sure to ask for our team captain, Geoff; Mark our MVP; or any of our key players (Matt or Austin). Our CEO Dave Keil and our CTO Elise Carmichael will be there, too! And if you’re thirsty for more as you cheer on Team Lakeside as #1 when it comes to AI that speaks IT, be one of the first 50 visitors to our booth to enjoy a 10-minute demo and receive a complimentary Owala water bottle! 

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