Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for IT Leaders

Embarking on a new year, IT leaders are presented with a golden opportunity to reassess their strategies and set transformative resolutions. In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. Here are the top 5 New Year’s resolutions for IT leaders in 2024.

1. Unlock Data to Fuel AI

AI isn’t going anywhere in 2024. In fact, it’s likely to become even more ubiquitous as more and more organizations determine how to best incorporate it into business as usual. However, as our CEO Dave Keil shared in Fast Company, “The real breakthrough of generative AI is the data itself”. So resolution number one is to invest in data. AI is only as good as the data that feeds it. With better data, organizations can leverage the power of AI to gain actionable insights, improve decision-making, and drive innovation. Unlocking breadth, depth, and history of data from your own IT is the foundation for maximizing the full potential of AI applications.

2. Automate for Faster Issue Resolution and Self-Help

Resolution two is all about speed and efficiency. Automating routine tasks and issue resolution not only accelerates processes but also empowers users to find solutions on their own. By implementing intelligent automation and self-help tools, IT leaders can enhance productivity, reduce response times, and enable their teams to focus on more complex challenges. The key is to leverage technology to streamline workflows and enhance the end-user experience.

3. Cancel Calender-Based Hardware Refreshes

In the spirit of resource optimization, resolution three challenges the traditional approach to hardware refresh cycles. Instead of adhering to rigid calendar-based refreshes, IT leaders should adopt a more dynamic and data-driven approach based on whether endpoint devices still have a lot of life left in them. Evaluate hardware needs based on performance metrics and actual usage patterns, allowing for more cost-effective and strategic investments in technology infrastructure.

4. Stop Paying for Unused Software

Paying for unused software is a drain on IT budgets, but it’s a problem that’s hard to prevent without visibility of software bloat. Resolution four urges IT leaders to conduct a thorough software audit and eliminate redundant or underutilized applications. By optimizing software licenses and subscriptions, organizations can cut costs without sacrificing functionality. This resolution aligns with a leaner, more efficient IT ecosystem that maximizes value for every dollar spent.

5. Become More Proactive

The final resolution is a call to action for IT leaders to become more proactive in fixing issues before they become disruptive. Instead of reacting to problems as they arise, gain visibility across your entire IT estate to proactively identify potential issues and implement preventive measures. This approach not only reduces downtime but also positions IT teams as strategic partners in the organization’s overall success.

If one thing is certain for 2024, IT leaders will continue to face myriad challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving landscape of technology. By investing in data, embracing automation, reevaluating hardware refresh cycles, optimizing software usage, and adopting a proactive mindset, IT leaders can propel their organizations toward greater efficiency, innovation, and resilience in the face of technological evolution. Here’s to a year of transformative change and unparalleled success in the world of IT.

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