X-IO and Lakeside Simplifying the Search for Storage Solutions

When you’re looking into enterprise storage options, the amount of information available to you and the in-depth knowledge you need of your environment to make an informed decision can become overwhelming. It’s easy to ballpark how much overall space you need and tack on some extra for expected growth and overhead, but that can quickly become very cost inefficient. The best way to approach the storage solution search is to gather some data and insight into your environment so you know things such as current space used, how that space is allocated, and IOPS details.

Getting all of this information and making sense of it is no small task, but luckily Lakeside Software has teamed up with X-IO (Update 2022: Acquired by Violin Systems in 2018) to provide an easy way to address questions about storage solutions. As an innovator in the storage industry, X-IO’s products fit well with Lakeside’s data analysis capabilities. X-IO has taken the stance that not all storage is created equal, and here at Lakeside we were happy to work with them to provide data to illustrate that there’s no one-size-fits-all storage solution.

Detailed insights into storage options with X-IO

As a new partner to Lakeside’s MarketPlace program, X-IO worked closely with us to produce a report that highlights all of the storage related information about your environment and helps you decide which X-IO storage solution is right for your enterprise. After a short assessment period, usually two-four weeks, with Lakeside’s core product, SysTrack, the report can be produced through our Virtual Machine Planner assessment tool and auto-populated with data collected from your environment. This provides invaluable insight that would otherwise be very difficult to produce.

Armed with this information you can feel assured that you’re choosing the right storage solution. No more guessing on the specs your environment requires, simply let SysTrack collect the data and do the analysis for you. If you’re considering a new storage solution for your enterprise, contact us so we can set up SysTrack to do the work for you.

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