Lakeside Software and Citrix Collaborate to Accelerate XenDesktop Virtual Desktop Deployments

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Bloomfield Hills, MI ― October 26, 2011 ― Lakeside Software, a leader in business intelligence solutions for IT professionals, today announced a collaboration with Citrix to make it easier for Citrix customers to speed the roll-out of desktop virtualization enterprise-wide.

Under the terms of this agreement, Citrix will offer licensed Citrix XenDesktop customers the new Citrix Virtual Desktop Assessment Tool based on Lakeside Software’s SysTrack product technology. The Virtual Desktop Assessment Tool is a highly automated version of SysTrack optimized for XenDesktop, to simplify the discovery and assessment of an organization’s devices, applications and end-user usage patterns. It will also make recommendations on which of the XenDesktop FlexCast™ delivery models should be used for each end-user group identified. Also included for evaluation are fully functional versions of SysTrack Enterprise Visualizer™, SysTrack Site Visualizer™ and SysTrack Resolve™ providing end user experience monitoring, optimization and problem resolution.

Optimized Assessment Delivering Enhanced User Experience

XenDesktop customers can take advantage of the detailed analytical capabilities present in the Citrix Virtual Desktop Assessment Tool to smoothly transition to a user-centric environment by identifying issues and providing detailed recommendations needed to address any problems as they occur. Scaling and ramping a pilot to production is now a seamless process that leverages on-demand and historical analysis of performance for effective, proactive management.

SysTrack Customized for XenDesktop

The Citrix Virtual Desktop Assessment Tool includes an intuitive wizard that dramatically simplifies the data collection process and outputs a comprehensive report providing the detailed, quantitative information Citrix customers need to successfully implement desktop transformation projects. The wizard intuitively guides the user through the assessment process from the initial data gathering phase, through data analysis, then to modeling. Transparent to the user, the wizard makes application delivery, Flexcast, datacenter and location decisions based on the collected data. The wizard will also proactively track the quality of the data in the assessment. From within the wizard, the customer can troubleshoot issues and also evaluate the SysTrack products that can provide ongoing monitoring, optimization and problem resolution at the site and enterprise level.

Supporting Quotes

Dan Salinas, vice president, business development at Lakeside Software: “Citrix is the leading innovator in the virtualization of the desktop, driving the most robust solutions. Citrix provides a clear technology roadmap to address all of the customer use cases, not just a select few. We are pleased to work with Citrix and their customers to identify the right technology for the right use case and accelerate their customer desktop transformation by utilizing real data from the customer’s environment.”

John Fanelli, vice president, product marketing, Enterprise Desktops and Applications, Citrix: “Lakeside Software provides unique capabilities to assess virtual desktop environments by providing metering, measuring, monitoring of end-user experience to help organizations deliver high-definition desktops and applications. We chose to offer the Citrix Virtual Desktop Assessment Tool for our customers as part of our Desktop Transformation Model because it will help our customers evaluate and assess their virtual desktop environments and plan how to best leverage XenDesktop FlexCast delivery models across all users.”

About Lakeside Software

Lakeside Software is the leading provider of business intelligence solutions for IT professionals. The SysTrack data platform includes solutions for User Experience Scoring, End-to-End Monitoring, Problem Diagnostics, VDI Assessment & Planning and Power Management that empower IT with the actionable information to dramatically improve productivity and reduce costs. The patented DataMine distributed relational database architecture aggregates user-level data unmatched in depth and quality, enabling SysTrack’s sophisticated reporting intelligence to deliver unprecedented insight into application usage and resource utilization.

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