Lakeside Software and Login VSI Offer Complete Solution for VDI Performance

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Bloomfield Hills, MI ― August 26, 2013 ― Lakeside Software, the leading provider of IT analytics and business intelligence solutions, and Login VSI, the leader in virtual desktop performance and load testing technology, today announced a next step in their partnership bringing maximum value to customers looking to build and maintain virtualized desktop and application infrastructures that deliver the best user experience possible. Effective immediately, business opportunities will be approached together when possible and beneficial for the customer. Respective product suites will be aligned to ensure a worry free integration of load generation, assessment and monitoring capabilities.

Both companies will be demonstrating their collaborative solutions this week at VMworld 2013 in San Francisco.

The unique combination of Lakeside Software’s SysTrack and Login VSI’s Virtual Session Indexer provides architects with a comprehensive toolset to execute the full lifecycle of desktop virtualization projects:

  • Lakeside SysTrack monitors IT environments and gathers detailed environmental and user data in existing end-user computing environments across physical and virtual platforms. Through SysTrack VMP, the Virtual Machine Planning tool, IT architects can model and design the future state of virtual desktop and application environments.
  • Login VSI’s Virtual Session Indexer simulates real world user behavior and tests the performance and scalability of virtual desktop infrastructures. Through Login VSI, IT architects can validate the calculated system scalability with different workloads and use scenarios before the official roll-out into production.

After the initial pilot implementation, both Lakeside SysTrack and Login VSI are leveraged to gain deep insights into the health of the environment, the end user experience, and to execute recurring scalability tests as applications and platforms are added or upgraded in the environment. This way both solutions help to protect and maintain the best possible performance in production by avoiding potential bottlenecks, and by providing insights to effectively fix performance problems when they may occur.

Lakeside and Login VSI commenced a close collaboration in June 2012 with the introduction of a SysTrack MarketPlace report for Login VSI. This report provides detailed guidance for user workload scripting for Login VSI benchmarking, and is available to any SysTrack customer. Visit learn more about SysTrack MarketPlace. Visit for more information about the load testing tool Login VSI.

Supporting Quotes

Dan Salinas, vice president of Business Development, Lakeside Software: “Login VSI is the de-facto leader in the virtual desktop performance and scalability testing space. The joint methodology allows organizations to gain unparalleled value out of their investments in application and desktop virtualization solutions.”

Pim Brouwer, vice president of Alliances, Login VSI: “SysTrack end user analytics adds an impressive extra layer of detailed system information to the load tests we execute with Login VSI. This will enable enterprises to very effectively research and address potential performance problems, most often before they affect the users.”

Chetan Venkatesh, CTO and founder, Atlantis Computing: “The combination of Lakeside Software’s SysTrack and Login VSI is a powerful complement to our industry leading ILIO product. Atlantis Computing uses Login VSI to create standard benchmarks for performance for light, medium and heavy users, and SysTrack delivers real-world usage and performance analytics that enable Atlantis customers to match observed environmental workloads to Login VSI scenarios for more accurate testing. This information can then be easily viewed using the Atlantis SysTrack MarketPlace report.”

About Lakeside Software

Lakeside Software is the leading provider of IT analytics and business intelligence solutions. SysTrack solutions for user experience scoring, end-to-end monitoring, problem diagnosis, VDI assessment, design and planning, and Windows® migration empower IT professionals with the knowledge to dramatically improve end user experience and reduce costs. SysTrack aggregates user-level data unmatched in depth and quality, enabling SysTrack’s sophisticated reporting intelligence to deliver unprecedented insight into application usage and resource utilization. for more information.

About Login VSI

Login Virtual Session Indexer (Login VSI) is a vendor independent benchmarking tool to objectively test and measure the performance and scalability of Virtual Desktop Infrastructures and Server Based Computing environments by simulating unique user workloads. Leading IT-analysts recognize and recommend Login VSI as the de-facto industry standard benchmarking tool for VDI and SBC. Login VSI can be used to test VMware Horizon View, Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services or any other Windows based hosted desktop solution. Login VSI is the standard tool used in all tests that are executed in the internationally acclaimed Project Virtual Reality Check. Visit for more information.

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