Lakeside Software Delivers Enhanced Analytics for the VMware View® Business Process Desktop

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Bloomfield Hills, MI ― October 09, 2012 ― Lakeside Software, a leader in business intelligence solutions for IT professionals, today announced that Lakeside’s core data platform, SysTrack, is providing enhanced analytics for VMware View® Business Process Desktop architecture.

SysTrack enables IT professionals managing business process desktops to measure the quality of the end user experience and better understand end user application and resource utilization, guiding their BPD utilization to effectively manage remote end-user experience across high-bandwidth latency and ensure optimal desktop experience for remote end users. Together, BPD and SysTrack give IT the power to effectively manage offshore and outsourced employee desktops for superior performance:

  • Improved End User Experience and Productivity — SysTrack provides real time visibility of the VMware View® Business Process Desktop end user experience, providing insight into performance and productivity
  • PCoIP® Metrics Tracking — SysTrack monitors all 33 session metrics specific to PCoIP performance and supports new PCoIP management interfaces in VMware View 5 to track display protocol behavior
  • Diagnosis of Poorly Performing Applications — SysTrack generates an audit trail of applications accessed by specific BPD remote users, and for particular sets of systems
  • Infrastructure and Resource Optimization — SysTrack enables IT administrators to achieve visibility into remote BPD desktop performance for easier identification, diagnosis and elimination of potential problems before user productivity is impacted
  • Root Cause / Historical Forensic Analysis — SysTrack root cause analysis provides insight into business process desktop capabilities, reducing time spent on troubleshooting
  • Capacity Planning — SysTrack accurately quantifies the usage of VMware View system resources and provides a methodology for profiling associated BPD user and application behavior, eliminating the guessing at hardware expenditures to support a user base
  • System Stability — SysTrack provides preemptive management of developing system stability concerns, providing automated health reports that document system stability and reliability for any VMware View Business Process Desktop application, service, user or system
  • Inventory Change Management and Validation — VMware View Business Process Desktop administrators can use SysTrack to identify and assess the impact of system-wide or enterprise-wide changes, including determining whether all system changes were made at the appropriate time
  • System Lockdown and Security — VMware View Business Process Desktop administrators can utilize SysTrack to stabilize their desktop environments by halting the execution of any unapproved application or website

The VMware View Business Process Desktop is a fully integrated, scalable, and secure solution for managing outsourced and offshore employee desktops. With Business Process Desktop, IT is able to deliver desktop services from the data center to end users across devices on any network. To help customers get up and running quickly with this solution, VMware has validated the Business Process Desktop reference architecture with a broad ecosystem of partners.

Supporting Quotes

Brinton Baker, chief marketing officer, Lakeside Software: “Evolving workforce patterns are driving a greater share of users to access the network remotely, and organizations can realize comparable benefits from virtualization of these desktops. The VMware View® Business Process Desktop is a powerful solution for IT organizations managing outsourced and offshored employees and SysTrack provides essential data and recommendations for tuning the remote user experience.”

Mason Uyeda, director of technical marketing, End-User Computing, VMware: “Lakeside Software’s sophisticated analytics augments the objective of the VMware View® Business Process Desktop – namely to provide a streamlined and highly available platform for customers looking to support offshore or outsourced employees. SysTrack provides the metrics to tune performance on these desktops, enabling organizations to use the VMware View® Business Process Desktop solution to deliver enhanced user experience to their employees, and ultimately drive higher levels of customer service and support.”

About Lakeside Software

Lakeside Software is a leading provider of business intelligence solutions for IT. SysTrack solutions for User Experience Scoring, End-to-End Monitoring, Problem Diagnostics, Power Management, VDI Assessment and Planning, and Windows 7 Migration empower IT with the knowledge to dramatically improve productivity and reduce costs. SysTrack’s patented and massively scalable DataMine distributed database architecture aggregates user-level data unmatched in depth and quality, enabling SysTrack’s sophisticated reporting intelligence to deliver unprecedented insight into application usage and resource utilization. Visit for more information.

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