Lakeside Software to Expand with New Ann Arbor Facility

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Bloomfield Hills, MI ― March 18, 2011 ― Lakeside Software today announced that it will expand its software development operations in Michigan, with a new location in Ann Arbor and an expansion to its existing operations in Bloomfield Hills. Today, the company received a Michigan Economic Growth Authority (MEGA) tax credit totaling up to $731,244 to help encourage the expansion.

Demand for Lakeside Software’s systems management and virtualization software is growing rapidly. To keep up with the demand, the company will increase personnel in all areas of its business. The greatest growth anticipated is in software research and development.

“The Ann Arbor region is rich in software development talent,” said Skip Simms, interim director and CEO of Ann Arbor SPARK. “For a fast growing company like Lakeside Software, that immediate access to talent is an important consideration when choosing a location for expansion. Being able to hire the right talent, quickly, will boost Lakeside Software’s expansion efforts.”

Lakeside Software’s SysTrack products serve as a deep Business Intelligence tool for IT professionals. By helping partners and customers better understand the complex interactions between users, applications, systems and the computing environment, SysTrack’s data mine promotes a multitude of solutions that lead to a higher quality, lower cost computing experience. Lakeside Software solutions build analytics on top of the common data mine, delivering customer value by leveraging knowledge of behavior.

The fuel for Lakeside Software solutions growth is due to industry trends toward virtualization, Windows 7 migration and the need for energy savings. SysTrack offers purpose-built solutions for each of these challenges, each leveraging deep data, powerful analytics and easy-to-use user interfaces. A worldwide partner channel can deliver service globally for Lakeside Software solutions.

“After reviewing our options, we concluded that Ann Arbor offers a strong talent pool from which we can draw the engineering expertise required on our research and development teams,” said Michael Schumacher, Lakeside Software’s president. “The proximity to the University of Michigan and the high quality of life in Ann Arbor for our staff make it an ideal choice for our expansion. We found that there is a thriving software development community in Ann Arbor and we are excited to be joining it with this new facility.”

About Lakeside Software

Lakeside Software is the leading provider of business intelligence solutions for IT professionals. The SysTrack data platform includes solutions for User Experience Scoring, End-to-End Monitoring, Problem Diagnostics, VDI Assessment & Planning and Power Management that empower IT with the actionable information to dramatically improve productivity and reduce costs. The patented DataMine distributed relational database architecture aggregates user-level data unmatched in depth and quality, enabling SysTrack’s sophisticated reporting intelligence to deliver unprecedented insight into application usage and resource utilization.

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