Lakeside Software Extends Cloud Leadership with Latest Version of Digital Experience Cloud

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FEBRUARY 23, 2022

BOSTON, Feb. 23, 2022 — Lakeside Software, the leader in digital experience management (DEM), announced today that more global enterprises will be able to scale their operations and fully support expanding workforces with the latest version of its Digital Experience Cloud, powered by SysTrack. By combining significant improvements to the platform’s proactive servicing capabilities with new cloud enhancements, enterprises can more easily optimize IT services for employees across multiple locations.

The newly released Digital Experience Cloud 10.1 demonstrates Lakeside’s commitment to delivering the leading cloud-native DEM platform experience to the global enterprise IT market. Optimized to support enterprise organizations, the cloud has the power to scale to more than 200,000 endpoints. Lakeside’s multi-tenant solution can be deployed and ready to use within hours, improving productivity, lowering costs, and reducing digital friction for customers.


Lakeside Software Extends Cloud Leadership


The single, third-party hosted cloud infrastructure can be managed centrally, leading to greater reliability and efficiency for IT teams, and delivering direct savings back to the business. Without on-premises restrictions, the cloud enables IT administrators to connect to digital environments, regardless of location, and cut down on costly infrastructure and maintenance. Lakeside’s Azure cloud comes with multiple out-of-the-box security and compliance offerings that comprehensively cover regulatory requirements.

With this release, Lakeside is also announcing the geographical expansion of local cloud instances in both the United Arab Emirates and France so a greater number of customers can take advantage of the solution while adhering to data sovereignty and regulatory requirements. Lakeside’s cloud network provides extensive global coverage from instances in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Germany, and Australia.

“Lakeside’s continuous optimization of our Digital Experience Cloud speaks to the value that we deliver to the enterprise market,” said Michael Grossi, CEO of Lakeside Software. “Our cloud is now even more valuable to large organizations that are seeking to reliably and securely scale to support remote and hybrid workforces. We are committed to constantly improving performance and ease of use to drive stronger value realization for current and future customers.”

Additional Digital Experience Cloud 10.1 features include:

  • Cloud API expansion for simpler integration capability: Working from anywhere has made third-party software more critical than ever for productivity. Lakeside’s single application programming interface (API) makes it simpler and less time-consuming to maintain and support those integrations.
  • Intuitive UI for faster discoverability and easier navigation: An updated user interface (UI) provides users with a more intuitive platform experience. A new dashboard hub makes it possible for users to find and use their data faster than ever before.
  • Secure data collection: Users no longer need a VPN to collect endpoint data from an on-premises server. The cloud collects secure data, even when users are disconnected from their network, leading to better insights and outcomes.
  • Enhanced data-collection capabilities for Citrix and VMware: Lakeside customers are now able to integrate these tools with the Digital Experience Cloud, ensuring a single location for all digital experience data.

The Digital Experience Cloud now delivers a deeper level of insight from a larger number of systems, at greater volume, and more frequently than any cloud-based DEM competitors. More updates to Lakeside’s cloud offering are planned throughout 2022, further delivering a holistic, 360-degree view of IT environments and providing customers with the most complete end-user experience insights in the industry.

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