Lakeside Software Extends SysTrack MarketPlace Reporting with RES Software, Samsung and X-IO Technologies Integration

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Bloomfield Hills, MI ― June 10, 2014 ― Lakeside Software, the leading provider of IT business intelligence solutions that optimize end-user experience, today announced immediate availability of integration with leading technology vendors RES Software, Samsung and X-IO Technologies whereby detailed reporting of these vendors’ products will be available within SysTrack MarketPlace.

  • RES Software: The RES Software Infrastructure Assessment report provides critical insight into system configurations, software utilization, and user characteristics to more fully identify areas where RES Software can provide management and user personalization benefits.
  • Samsung: The Samsung Zero Client Environmental Analysis report analyzes the current state of the environment to forecast how an environment may best use Samsung zero clients and the potential power savings from implementation.
  • X-IO Technologies: The X-IO Storage Planning for VDI report analyzes the current environment to provide insight into how it could benefit from a VDI solution using an X-IO storage solution.

SysTrack MarketPlace

SysTrack MarketPlace, introduced in June 2012, provides detailed analysis for sizing and selecting hardware, software and service infrastructure. MarketPlace provides a single source for IT professionals to get the quantified data they need to maximize the performance of their infrastructure, accelerate ROI and maximize end-user experience. MarketPlace is the product of cooperation between Lakeside Software and industry-leading IT infrastructure technology companies.

MarketPlace reports are 100% customized for a specific vendor solution and provide only the data most relevant for analysis of that solution. They are developed through close consultation between Lakeside Software and each solution vendor that ensures each report reflects a deep understanding of the solution and provides critical and appropriate intelligence.

Visit to learn more about SysTrack MarketPlace and view currently integrated technology vendors.

Supporting Quotes

Brinton Baker, chief marketing officer, Lakeside Software: “SysTrack MarketPlace provides IT professionals with actionable intelligence about their infrastructure critical to deployment and optimization. With deeper insight into the impact of specific infrastructure solutions, they can tune implementation to receive maximum value and performance.”

Bob de Kousemaeker, vice president research and development, RES Software:“Understanding the state of your existing environment and how users are utilizing applications, data, and IT services can give IT an upper hand in managing today’s complex environments. The information gathered from SysTrack gives IT the insight they need to take the best approach to managing user workspaces with RES Software. RES Software is excited to work with Lakeside to offer customers this detailed reporting to help jumpstart their workspace management projects and more quickly improve IT efficiency, security and compliance, and provide a better user experience.”

Greg Spence, senior product manager, Samsung: “Samsung NC Series zero client displays integrate Teradici’s PCoIP technology to support full high-definition (HD) performance in a virtualized VMware environment. SysTrack helps determine appropriateness of zero-client use and evaluates PCoIP protocol characteristics and end-user experience to optimize steady-state performance.”

Blair Parkhill, vice president of marketing, X-IO: “VDI is all about productivity and the end user experience. One of the biggest challenges in architecting a predictable and resilient end user compute solution is determining the unpredictable nature of humans in our enterprises. SysTrack offers incredible insight into what was once unpredictable and a “best guess” when it comes to sizing for storage performance and capacity in these complex architectures. Combining the intelligent reporting capabilities of SysTrack with X-IO’s unmatched ability to offer storage with a reliable, zero-touch, self-healing platform and high performance at full capacity, means no revenue impacting, second-surgery exercises and minimal helpdesk escalations for the life of the solution.”

About Lakeside Software

Lakeside Software is the leading provider of Big Data for End-User Computing. Lakeside provides organizations with the data-driven knowledge to make better decisions that drive business success. More than 2,000 organizations in over 60 countries use SysTrack to better understand and empower their workforce. Visit for more information.

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