Lakeside Software Introduces Ask SysTrack for Citrix, Industry’s First Insight Engine for Application and Desktop Virtualization

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Anaheim, CA ― January 9, 2017 ― Today at Citrix Summit 2017, Lakeside Software, provider of SysTrack, the leading workspace analytics and digital experience monitoring solution, announced the addition of new Citrix Director cognitive search and insight capabilities to its Ask SysTrack insight engine. These new capabilities enable natural language interaction with Citrix Director for XenDesktop and XenApp, enabling Citrix administrators to gain actionable insights about their environment by simply asking – directly from within Citrix Director. Ask SysTrack for Citrix has been verified as Citrix Ready® and will be generally available in March 2017.

With Ask SysTrack for Citrix, administrators can ask questions about their XenApp and XenDesktop environments using natural language – such as “Do I have any Citrix licensing issues?” or “Do I have any unregistered Citrix sessions?” – and be taken directly to the screen in the Citrix Director console where relevant XenDesktop or XenApp system or session details can be garnered.

Additionally, a new SysTrack plugin for Citrix Director allows user experience trends to be viewed natively within the Citrix Director interface. This gives Citrix administrators visibility into the historical user experience of desktop groups, enabling them to quickly and intuitively realize and understand current performance and potential performance issues. Links into the SysTrack interface are available so they can drill down to even more detail.

“Our primary goal with the introduction of Ask SysTrack was to simplify how IT organizations interact with their business critical tools and data. We’re excited to expand Ask SysTrack’s insights to XenApp and XenDesktop through our partnership with Citrix,” said Dan Salinas, vice president of Business Development, Lakeside Software. “Using SysTrack to provide context and deep insights directly from Citrix Director means that Citrix administrators can now gain analytical information and resolve issues faster than ever.”

Ask SysTrack for Citrix Director is designed to quickly and correctly answer application and desktop virtualization questions utilizing IBM Watson cognitive services. As organizations embrace mobility, quick access to contextually relevant user, application, device, and infrastructure information is a key factor in supportability and management. The integration of Ask SysTrack with Citrix Director helps customers quickly gain access to meaningful information and product features using a simple natural language interface.

  • Simply Ask: Just as consumer search applications offer discovery of information without conscious query on behalf of the user, Ask SysTrack for Citrix Director creates value for IT business users through a familiar means of proactive search, without having to click through user interface screens and dashboards.
  • Analytics, Not Just Monitoring: Ask SysTrack brings SysTrack’s rich workspace data and telemetry into easily accessed meaningful analytics and insights. With Ask SysTrack for Citrix Director, Lakeside Software and Citrix are providing administrators with relevant analytics and contextual insights.

“Lakeside Software’s Ask SysTrack for Citrix enhances the administrative experience by integrating Workspace analytics with Citrix Director’s monitoring functionality,” said Calvin Hsu, vice president, product marketing, Windows App Delivery, Citrix. “The natural language query system provides administrators a more intuitive experience and deeper insights into their XenApp and XenDesktop environments.”

“By combining IBM Watson cognitive services with SysTrack workspace analytics, the Ask SysTrack insight engine puts IT insights at the fingertips of business users exactly when they need them,” said Piero Chiodo, VP, Client Care Services, GTS Mobility Services, IBM. “The more IT data that organizations collect, the harder it is to find the data they need. Just as consumer search engines enable easy discovery of information, so IT departments and workspace service providers must also create value for business users through a similar means of natural language and contextual search.”

The Citrix Ready program helps customers identify third-party solutions that are recommended to enhance virtualization, networking and cloud computing solutions from Citrix Systems, Inc. Ask SysTrack for Citrix completed a rigorous verification process to ensure compatibility with Citrix Director, providing confidence in joint solution compatibility.

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