Lakeside Software Opens Australia / New Zealand Office MAY 28

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MAY 28, 2015

Sydney, Australia ― May 28, 2015 ― US-based IT business intelligence firm Lakeside Software is plotting an Asian expansion, announcing the establishment of an office in Sydney.

Industry veteran and ex-AppSense executive Jacob Maurer has been appointed to serve as managing director.

Mr Maurer said in a statement that Lakeside’s SysTrack IT business intelligence solutions was already being used by systems integrators HP, IBM and Fujitsu, and that in the short term the firm is hiring to expand its local sales and partner management team.

It also has plans to establish a second Australasian office — most likely in Japan — within the next 12 to 24 months.

Mr Maurer pointed to a 2013 Gartner report which said that IT leaders seeking increased IT efficiency should be moving to higher management levels, and reducing the number of applications installed locally.

“Organisations of all sizes are being forced to rethink how they deliver end-user services. Vendors are enabling their products and offerings aggressively with cloud and mobile solutions while speeding their release cycles,” Mr Maurer said.

“Lakeside has clearly differentiated itself and proven its technology in end-user assessment and analytics. We give IT professionals the data and insights needed to measure the success of their projects and enable a continuous transformation lifecycle which is increasingly becoming the norm.”

He said demand for Lakeside’s services in Australia and New Zealand was particularly strong due to local penetration of Citrix.

“What sets Lakeside apart is our ability to deliver a full suite of technologies for desktop transformation and migration, Citrix management and operations, SLA monitoring and reporting, and helpdesk troubleshooting and support. Most competitors operate only in one or some of these areas, while SysTrack is a full EUC solution for all stages of the lifecycle,” he said.

“After nearly seventeen years this expertise has led to Lakeside’s worldwide growth. The move into Australia and New Zealand is an important strategic decision that will bring us closer to our ANZ clients and open the gates to a larger regional presence.”

As managing director ANZ, Maurer will direct all regional sales and business development initiatives and recruit and lead all regional staff and will report to CEO Michael Schumacher.

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