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Answering Important Business Questions

Managing digital workplaces is one of the most difficult tasks for IT because they don’t have clear visibility into EUC environments. For instance, IT is often faced with answering questions like, “An employee has a ‘slow computer,’ what’s at the root cause of the issue and who can fix it?” without having the ability to objectively answer it. At Lakeside, we believe the best way to improve IT's visibility and deliver great end-user experience is using a resource already in every environment: the endpoint.

Answer Your Important Questions


Lakeside's Digital Experience Cloud, powered by SysTrack, gathers and analyzes data on everything that may impact end-user experience and business productivity. By capturing 10,000+ data points every 15 seconds from each endpoint in your environment, SysTrack provides you the visibility you need to lower IT costs and optimize operations while improving business productivity. How? By providing you the data and functionality to lower the volume of help desk tickets, identifying over and under-provisioning, selecting the best-fit technology for the environment, tracking SLA performance, measuring the performance of projects and so much more!

Digital Experience Cloud Use Cases

Continuous User Segmentation


User segmentation or personas are abstract groups of people segmented by their work, patterns, behaviors and IT tools. These groups have long been used to understand the way end users do their work and how IT can help support that work. But to this day, establishing personas has been an arbitrary science. That is why we developed SysTrack's continuous user segmentation. Leveraging a distributed database architecture and stored on the endpoint, Lakeside Software's SysTrack agent continuously monitors thousands of end-user data points per second, compiles that data and analyzes patterns that then result in the accurate creation of personas based on real user needs.

"Empowered users with the ear of the business want the same kind of productivity and choice at work that they enjoy with their personal devices and apps."

Better matching IT with those who matter most: the end users

The days of IT being fully in control of the tech landscape are behind us - and that's a good thing! But with this change also comes difficulty in keeping track of end users and what they need to remain productive. When personas are established based on real user data gathered directly from the endpoint, IT teams are able to properly provision hardware, software, services and resources, including budget, while maximizing end-user experience. With SysTrack, our customers know exactly how many licenses of what software product are needed - and they love us for it!

Personas: Segmenting for real business value

Every day, organizations allocate millions to IT solutions for process optimization, the reduction of costs or an increase in productivity. Our approach to segmenting users for real business value helps organizations get away from the traditional approach of one-size-fits-all deployments to a more focused IT environment that assigns IT resources based on need, not gut.

Need-based Procurement

With the advent of modern computing, one of the most challenging questions facing any IT team is, “Does our technology fit our business needs?” Just as organizations experience improvements in costs and workflow from new technologies, they also see a heaping number of applications, licenses, processing power and storage. With SysTrack’s capability to support need-based procurement, organizations track the utilization of every application on every physical or virtual desktop enabling them to optimize IT procurement and ongoing IT maintenance according to business needs.

"With insight into every desktop, you can minimize waste in your IT environment"

Map your application landscape

There is no more accurate vantage point for the IT landscape than from the endpoint. And our customers can attest to that! Because of this we have designed our SysTrack endpoint agent to identify, not only existing application versions and licenses, but also behaviors displaying key health factors such as protocol traffic, system resource analysis, integrated event and fault tracking and automated backend-server detection and analysis. 

Focus IT resources where it benefits you most

Endpoint visibility into the utilization and state of the application landscape not only helps reduce unnecessary IT expenditures, but also helps IT run a leaner and more efficient organization. When IT has an accurate grasp on applications, they have the ability to focus resources on what will best benefit the business.

Proactive Support

End users’ expectations for usability are on the rise and as IT professionals, we are tasked with meeting them to keep users happy and, most importantly, productive. With proactive support, IT teams are able to answer technology roadblocks of tomorrow, today. Given SysTrack’s strong monitoring and analytical capabilities, many of our customers use our desktop agent for spotting and resolving IT mishaps before they happen.

Monitor. Troubleshoot. Resolve.

The goal of proactive support is to continuously identify and implement technical solutions to common IT business challenges. Whether it is by tethering end-user experience score deterioration to service desk ticket creation or by creating rulesets for fail-over in the event of critical service outages, our SysTrack agent has the ability to monitor the whole end-user experience, troubleshoot and resolve IT issues before they generate downtime or service desk tickets.

Getting proactive with endpoint data

By using SysTrack for providing proactive IT support capabilities, our customers reduce users’ direct interaction with IT while simultaneously improving the perception of IT within the business. We believe there is no better viewpoint of IT than directly from the desktop and that is why we lead with endpoint data for helping our customers move from a reactive to a proactive approach to IT support.

IT and Service Provider SLA Transparency

Wouldn’t it be great to measure the true effectiveness of your SLA’s? Beyond siloed key performance indicators, organizations have no standardized way of measuring the status of an SLA within an environment. Similarly, IT vendors have no way to vet the claims they initially promised beyond actual vs planned performance. With SysTrack, IT vendors and client organizations alike can validate vendor claims of SLAs through continuous monitoring of endpoint data.

Quantifying SLA performance

SysTrack enables organizations to not only monitor the up and downtime for specific SLAs, but also quantify its productivity impact on those who matter most: the end users. When downtime is identified by SysTrack, the solution works to find the responsible SLA provider and can expedite problem resolution, minimizing any chance of lost productivity.

SLAs: A win-win for vendor and client alike

By continuously monitoring and analyzing SLAs, SysTrack works to help organizations experience better contract performance and uptime for the customer and decreased costs of operation for the outsourcer. SLA transparency is a two-way street and SysTrack enables both the vendor and client to make the most out of their contract.

Budget Rationalization

IT leaders are constantly rethinking the balance between capital and operational investments for endpoint computing. Practically, this means many IT teams are faced with questions like, “How many desktops should we virtualize?” or “Does it make sense to upgrade to Windows 10?” With SysTrack, our customers can have insights into which investments will yield the best productivity dividends given their specific environment. Whether the concern is the best solution for performance deterioration or need-based procurement vs. hardware refresh, SysTrack can help.

Tailored recommendations 

Any rational investment decision is an informed one. That is why our SysTrack agent is used by many of our customers for its budget rationalization capabilities. The agent takes a snapshot of the environment directly from the endpoint and makes actionable recommendations on what IT decisions make sense, given the environment’s landscape, user types, usage patterns and resource utilization.

IT that fits your mold

When IT investment decisions are made considering the end user, their usage patterns and their needs to be productive, IT is able to deliver superior asset performance and user experience. From determining if virtualization is right for you to specifying which users should be upgraded to the next version of software, SysTrack can analyze and assess your options given your specific environment.

Application License Utilization Management

Applications: one of the most critical assets in any organization. But, who’s tracking its utilization and how? Today, there are strong financial and legal incentives for tracking application license utilization: from cost reduction initiatives to software audits. With SysTrack, organizations manage their application licensing with data directly from the endpoint providing them with the clearest possible picture of their licensing landscape, usage and requirements.

Matching licensing with actual usage

Knowing which software packages are being used and correlating usage with license entitlement systems helps CIOs make the most out of their software and enterprise license agreements. Unlike other solutions with asset management capabilities, SysTrack gathers real application and licensing data directly from the endpoint, analyzes it and provides a detailed snapshot of the current state of the application licensing environment.

Eliminating waste and audit readiness

This clear view of application licensing goes far beyond the financial benefit. IT teams are able to reduce inefficiencies within the organization by eliminating unnecessary licensing as well as being prepared for licensing audits when they come.

Desktop Transformation

IT is constantly evolving and IT executives need real-time insight into their environment to optimize it. From physical or virtual desktop OS upgrades to hardware changes and application migrations, IT teams are tasked at a moment’s notice with developing an agile delivery plan in these areas and requiring a thorough understanding of all aspects of enterprise IT.

User-based transformation planning

Many of our customers use SysTrack to plan and execute their transformation projects using insight into their users’ behavior and requirements. Our powerful analytical engine allows for the construction of detailed transformation plans that are optimized real usage, behavioral and environment data while remaining flexible through the dynamic plan evolution.

A complete view for complete benefits

With a complete view of the environment and its users, SysTrack customers have experienced increased user satisfaction, lower costs and faster implementation. Why? It is this flexibility and the interoperability with SysTrack’s existing architecture design framework that gives designers and project planners all of the information and functionality they need to optimize their IT landscape.

Help Desk Optimization

Desktop problem resolution today is a hot button IT issue. Problems that users have with their computer systems are typically resolved in an inefficient manner that saps organizational productivity and wastes scarce technical resources. Our customers use SysTrack to resolve support IT problems proactively. Thanks to its monitoring and analytical capabilities, SysTrack provides heightened visibility into physical and virtual user desktops to enable IT to quickly and continuously diagnose and resolve problems.

Proactively identify and resolve IT problems

SysTrack empowers IT teams to identify, diagnose and resolve issues even before users are aware of them. How? SysTrack performs a deep analysis between the problem system and all physical and virtual user systems to identify and learn where behavior diverges from the norm. The solution then displays critical KPIs, highlighting those that are out of the normal range so IT can then make the necessary adjustments to proactively correct the problem.

Beyond help desk cost reduction

When IT help desks are empowered with an endpoint agent for data collection, a strong analytics engine and continuous monitoring, they can help improve productivity and reduce wasting resources. We believe that when it comes to IT help desk optimization, there is no better way to become more proactive than to leverage the most privileged point-of-view into IT and the business: the endpoint.

Application Performance Management

IT teams are under constant pressure to enable the workforce with easy-to-use apps while cost-effectively optimizing the IT infrastructure. That is why many of our customers use SysTrack to help manage their applications’ current and historical usage and performance. The tool reports on the status of any application while alerting the IT team as performance thresholds are exceeded so corrective action can be taken.

Monitor. Alert. Correct.

SysTrack enables IT to monitor virtually every aspect of an application’s behavior. The solution analyzes many application parameters at each endpoint, both within the system and system-wide, alerts IT when thresholds are exceeded and can automatically take preset corrective actions. SysTrack integrates application performance management into everyday IT tasks without the extra work!

User-focused application management

Our customers get the most out of their IT investments with the proactive and continuous approach of SysTrack’s application performance management capability. With SysTrack, organizations identify and quickly correct poor application behavior in the context of what the user is experiencing – and that makes both the line of business and IT happy!

Hardware Performance Management

It is true, hardware is at the core of any organization’s critical business functions. But, who is monitoring it and how? To keep businesses running smoothly, IT teams must have 100% visibility into the hardware in their environment, how it is being used, its performance and its dependencies. Our customers use SysTrack to visualize their hardware landscape, analyze its performance and dependencies, resolve IT issues and make informed migration decisions based on SysTrack’s recommended solution.

Collect. Analyze. Optimize 

SysTrack provides deep insight into desktops and servers, giving IT a clear understanding of usage patterns and resource utilization. SysTrack also provides actionable intelligence, giving IT the specific data needed to make implementation decisions that will better utilize IT resources and deliver superior asset performance and user experience.

User-focused hardware optimization

Our customers love how they can optimize their hardware IT investments with the proactive and continuous approach of SysTrack’s hardware performance management capability. With SysTrack, organizations collect utilization data on everything from desktops to SQL database servers to domain controllers all in an effort to manage the upkeep of critical business functions and ultimately optimize hardware investments.

Risk Visualization

Nothing frustrates users more than a slow or inconsistent desktop or application experience. It's understandable, but is a compromised user even worse than a nonproductive user? Understanding the risks involved in both types of users, security teams have found themselves in a battle: To provide both a usable and secure end user computing environment. Our customers use SysTrack to optimize for both security and user productivity by using its risk visualization capabilities.

Monitor. Aggregate. Assess.

SysTrack offers endpoint visibility by continuously recording and assessing data to enable threat prevention, detection and response and breach containment and remediation. By continuously monitoring, interpolating and assessing the relationships of every file execution, file modification, network connection, cross-process event and identifying and recording the execution of every binary, SysTrack delivers instant answers to complex security questions.

Balancing productivity and security made easy

Finding a security solution that serves the needs of both EUC and security teams can be a daunting task. However, when you manage security with the end user in mind, striking a balance is possible. Some of the benefits our customers have experienced from using SysTrack for risk visualization include: instant attack intelligence, smooth integration into existing security tools and minimal security blind spots.

Insight Engine

The push for cognitive and chat-based interfaces proves that users find Natural Language Processing (NLP) to be the most intuitive method of finding answers to their questions. Today, the public’s expectation of interaction with data is that its analysis should be as simple as posing straightforward, intuitive questions. Perhaps the best example of NLP is IBM Watson, a technology that has sparked a new idea: What if getting insights into your workspace could be as easy as asking simple questions? With the general availability of Watson cognitive API library, SysTrack now features Ask SysTrack, a powerful NLP engine that enables IT to explore information collected from the IT landscape with ease and in plain English.

Answer real business questions

Ask SysTrack uses a locally running service that manages processing the language of the questions on the SysTrack master server. This essentially takes the questions as posed and tries to understand the intent. Let’s take a simple question like “Do any of my users have a poor user experience?” The question can be posed in plain English to SysTrack, and the solution will work to provide insight into actual end-user experience score and suggested topics related to the central idea of understanding how well the environment is working.

Making it easier for IT to get answers

Ask SysTrack applies relevancy methods to describe, discover, organize, and analyze data. The result is a solution that uses natural language queries for IT departments to use when looking to answer plain English questions about their environments.

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