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Manage Your Workforce Wherever They Are

For many of us today, our devices and applications are our primary workspace. If we have access to the right technology, we can continue to work whether in office or at home. The challenge for IT departments when responding to an emergency such as Covid-19 is to make sure people have what they need and to fill in any gaps as quickly as possible.

To help organizations enable effective remote work during this challenging time, Lakeside Software is providing free access to SysTrack as well as dashboards and reporting designed to support Remote Work Planning as well as Remote Work Performance Monitoring and ongoing IT support.  

The solution is cloud-hosted and designed for simple, rapid deployment and analysis. IT teams can use SysTrack to answer key questions around remote work such as the following:

  • What devices and applications do my users need to perform essential job functions?
  • Which users have what they need to work from home and which require additional support?
  • How are applications and devices performing now that users are remote?
  • What is the root cause of problems for my remote users?
  • What quality of end-user experience are my remote users receiving and how can it be improved?

Build Your Action Plan

The first step for most IT departments during an emergency will be figuring out how to keep the lights on. To assist, the Remote Work Planning Solution is designed to support both near-term planning and long-term analysis to ensure as smooth of a transition as possible.

The solution is hosted securely in Azure, shortening time-to-insight with no additional infrastructure setup required.* Within 24 hours, you can launch the tool and see information on hardware and software composition, performance, and usage within SysTrack dashboards. After seven days of collection, the data will provide a more accurate depiction of BAU activities and a report is made available outlining which users meet the requirements to work from home and which will require further support.

*If cloud isn't an option for your organization, please contact us for other ways we may be able to help.

Provide Ongoing Support to Remote Workers

Once you’ve successfully transitioned your workforce to remote, you can monitor performance to ensure that employees are able to work productively under this new model. By comparing the in-office baselines to remote baselines, IT can understand whether application performance, usage, or end-user experience have been impacted.

Additionally, should a remote user experience an IT issue and require support, your IT team will be able to drill into that system to find and resolve the root cause of the problem.

With the help of Remote Work Performance Monitoring, your IT team can help deliver the same level of experience employees are accustomed to in the office at home.

Collection Summary

A free service, SysTrack Remote Work Planning and Performance Monitoring provides dashboards and a detailed report to help guide decisions and transition your workforce to work from home while minimizing disruption to the business.

Key factors that are measured and reported on include the following:

  • User device mobility breakdown
  • Average number of critical applications
  • Work from home compatibility count
  • Virtual and physical desktop breakdown
  • Operating system breakdown
  • Critical applications with dependencies
  • Resource planning and device usage
  • Application usage
  • Monitor configuration and resolution
  • End-user experience breakdown and trend

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SysTrack Cloud Edition Azure hosting locations include the U.S., Germany, Australia, and Japan.

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