Workplace Analytics for the Digital Enterprise

Quantifying end-user experience so that you can drive business productivity

How do you enable business productivity?

This question is at the heart of Workplace Analytics, a practice that looks to find meaningful insights into business productivity by analyzing end-users, the business processes that encompass their jobs and the technologies they use to get work done. At Lakeside Software, we have found that when people, business processes and technologies are analyzed and optimized for end-user experience, an organization can enable productivity. To help you optimize these three areas, SysTrack brings you four key technologies: Digital Experience Monitoring, Asset Optimization, Event Correlation and Analysis and Desktop Transformation.

Digital Experience Monitoring

Digital Experience Monitoring tracks the health of your business by monitoring and analyzing end-users’ interaction with the technologies and business processes they use to get work done.

That is why our Workplace Analytics solution, SysTrack, works directly on your endpoints to help you monitor, analyze and optimize end-users’ digital experience in an effort to enable their productivity.

Asset Optimization

IT Asset Optimization is a practice within Workplace Analytics that ensures the cost of technology is being optimized for the needs of end users.

In this field, SysTrack provides Asset Optimization capabilities by helping you identify the difference between an installed or purchased IT resource and a utilized one. The result? IT investments that are more closely matched with productive need.

Event Correlation and Analysis

Identifying and solving any problem starts with investigating its root cause. Event Correlation and Analysis capabilities work as IT’s time machine for monitoring, analyzing and solving IT issues. SysTrack gathers current and historical data directly from the endpoint to help you solve IT issues quickly and many times automatically – even before the end-user becomes aware of the issue!

Desktop Transformation

Many technologies have evolved in the digital workspace but one resource has remained: the desktop. Desktop Transformation is the practice that helps you plan for, implement and continuously support the technologies that enable a productive desktop experience. SysTrack helps you throughout your transformation projects, arming you with analyzed endpoint data on what technologies the business needs, utilizes, has available and what is hindering its productivity.

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