SysTrack Digital Experience Monitoring Solution Areas

Monitoring, quantifying and analyzing end-user experience so you can reduce IT costs and drive business productivity

How do you reduce IT costs while improving business productivity?

This question is at the heart of digital experience monitoring solutions, ones that look to gather a clear view into the employee digital experience by monitoring any and everything that may be impacting it. At Lakeside Software, we have found that when people, business processes and technologies are analyzed and optimized for end-user experience, an organization can enable business productivity and run IT operations more efficiently, therefore reducing costs. To help you do this, SysTrack Digital Experience Monitoring brings you four key solution areas: Workplace analytics, asset optimization, AIOps and desktop transformation.

Workplace Analytics

Workplace analytics is a robust practice that focuses on improving overall employee experience. But a critical component of employee experience and productivity relies on IT's ability to provide what users need to get work done.

That is why our digital experience monitoring solution, SysTrack, sits directly on your endpoints monitoring and analyzing any and everything that may be impacting user experience -  whether your environment is physical, virtual, Windows, Mac... you name it!

Asset Optimization

IT asset optimization is a practice that ensures IT costs are being optimized for the needs of end users.

A critical use for data captured by digital experience monitoring solutions, IT asset optimization capabilities helping you identify the difference between an installed or purchased IT asset and what is actually being used. It helps track performance of hardware and software assets and it measures critical resource consumption which has a direct impact on end-user experience. The result? IT investments that are more closely matched with end user productivity.


Artificial intelligence for IT operations, or AIOps, is an exciting space that promises to use AI and machine learning to facilitate, and at times automate, functions of IT operations.

Digital experience monitoring solutions, when coupled with AIOps functionalities, can provide a cohesive and unified view across all domains and users of business services. SysTrack features AIOps capabilities like sensors and pattern detection that augment your view into what is truly happening in the environment and how to go about remediation, be it handled by the help desk or even automated.

Desktop Transformation

Many technologies have evolved in the digital workspace but one resource has remained: the desktop. Desktop Transformation is the practice that helps you plan for, implement and continuously support the technologies that enable a productive desktop experience. SysTrack helps you throughout your transformation projects, arming you with IT resource performance and usage data that determine user needs, what they currently use, what they have available and what is hindering employee experience and productivity.

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