Digital Experience Monitoring Solutions

Power business productivity by delivering an excellent end-user experience

The Challenge

End-users today access enterprise data through a variety of interfaces and locations, all influencing the end-user’s experience and IT's assessment of that experience. To put together a picture of how all end-users are experiencing the vast number technologies and business processes within an organization, it is important to build a composite portrait from heterogeneous datasets.

The SysTrack Solution

SysTrack provides deep insight into the end-user environment in order to help you optimize it for business productivity. How? SysTrack monitors and analyzes the factors that impact the end-user experience and calculates a corresponding end-user experience score. Based on this, SysTrack then provides actionable intelligence you can use to plan, implement and optimize your IT environment with end-users in mind.

Understand the factors that impact the end-user experience and how they interrelate

Perform real time health and availability monitoring

Diagnose and resolve end-user problems impacting productivity

Perform historical analysis to understand how a problem developed and how to avoid it

Monitor application performance and resource utilization

Discover and diagnose poorly performing applications/systems

Quantify resource utilization to accurately plan capacity changes

Digital Experience Monitoring Use Cases


IT leaders responsible for end-user computing are challenged with determining the right set of tools to maximize end-user productivity and engagement without duplicating costs and capabilities. The SysTrack Personas framework helps determine the right endpoint, application and delivery methods to accommodate diverse user requirements continuously rather than in an antiquated “set-and-forget” fashion.

White Paper
Using SysTrack to Automate the Development and Management of Enterprise Personas

Proactive Support

Today’s IT teams are tasked with not only “keeping the lights on” but also with keeping users happy, and most importantly, productive. From tethering an end-user experience score to service desk requests to setting prioritized alerting when certain thresholds are surpassed, SysTrack helps IT teams move to a more proactive approach to IT problem solving.

Step 1

User experience drops

Step 2

SysTrack generates an alert

Step 3

Alert is analyzed

Step 4

IT resolves the issue & SysTrack repeats IT fixes

Budget Rationalization

Today's digital business needs end-user services to be agile, flexible and quick to adapt to today’s business environment. This is partly why IT leaders are constantly rethinking the balance between capital and operating expenditures for endpoint computing. SysTrack helps IT teams determine which investments will yield the best productivity dividends by analyzing usage and need against installed or available resources. Whether looking for need-based procurement or guidance on a hardware/software refresh, SysTrack can help.

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