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Insightful tools for IT Operations

Gleaning meaningful and actionable information from all the data in the enterprise environment can be difficult without the right tools. SysTrack provides artificial intelligence capabilities that help make sense of that data. SysTrack AIOps helps identify and remediate many issues before they invoke Level 1 or 2 support, significantly reducing support desk costs and introducing a whole new level of support: Level 0.

1. Sensors

Monitor user experience, IT resource performance and device health

2. Pattern Discovery

Discover and triage issues impacting the IT estate

3. Causality

Automatically identify and analyze root causes

4. Resolution

Self-heal, self-service, or when necessary, escalate

Shift Left with AIOps

Traditionally, service desks have been siloed into tiers, where end-user facing issues escalate through levels of support until they are resolved. This process has worked for many years and is likely to continue being effective for high-value issues that involve human interaction. However, lower levels of support occupy a large percentage of IT resources with low-value issues that today can be resolved with automation. This concept of remediating issues before they reach human operators is called Level 0. SysTrack has the capability to not only auto-remediate issues, but also provide self-service to end users on their systems so they may help themselves prior to involving the service desk.

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ITSM Optimization

IT executives face the difficult task of delivering superior end-user experience while controlling help-desk costs. Users' desktop problems are typically resolved in an inefficient manner that saps organizational productivity and wastes scarce technical resources. SysTrack provides heightened visibility into physical and virtual user desktops enabling IT to quickly diagnose and resolve problems, dramatically enhancing end-user experience and productivity while significantly reducing IT personnel involvement.

Root Cause Analysis

Given the scale and complexity of many IT environments and endpoints today, IT often struggles in pinpointing the exact root causes of system failures, latency or performance decay. Lakeside Software’s powerful automated analysis and self-healing provide you with sensors that monitor the environment, pattern detection capabilities to identify widespread issues, and the information you need to drill down into root cause, to autoremediate issues and to escalate if necessary.

Solution Brief
SysTrack AIOps for End-User Computing

Proactive Support

Today’s IT teams are tasked with not only “keeping the lights on” but also with keeping users happy, and most importantly, productive. From tethering an end-user experience score to service desk requests to setting prioritized alerting when certain thresholds are surpassed, SysTrack helps IT teams move to a more proactive approach to IT problem solving.

Step 1

User experience drops

Step 2

SysTrack generates an alert

Step 3

Alert is analyzed

Step 4

IT resolves the issue & SysTrack repeats IT fixes

Insight Engine

In everyday life, we use public search engines because they are easy to use and can provide an immediate answer to our burning questions. Understandably, we have grown to expect similar user experience in the workplace even for our IT management tasks. That is why we have developed Ask SysTrack, a capability within SysTrack that leverages IBM Watson Cognitive Services for its natural language user interface enabling IT teams to ask simple questions in plain English about their environment such as, "What is my environment's average user experience?"

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Have a Question? Ask SysTrack

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