Remote Workforce Experience Management

Giving IT the visibility and tools to support employees from anywhere

Work Is More Than Just a Place

Productivity doesn’t always depend on where employees are located. At least not anymore. But as organizations become increasingly flexible with work arrangements — accommodating employees who choose to do their jobs from home, the office, or both — IT teams must quickly adapt to meet the needs and challenges of dispersed workforces. And doing so requires a better understanding of the remote work experience. It can be tricky, though, with limited IT visibility outside corporate networks and other roadblocks. That’s why a digital experience management solution such as Lakeside Software’s Digital Experience Cloud is essential for supporting employees wherever they work.

Challenges Organizations Face with Remote Work

Although there are many benefits to working remotely for both employees and organizations, it also comes with a few challenges, too.
With only an internet connection keeping remote employees in touch with coworkers and giving them access to essential work resources, any kind of small disruption — whether it’s a dropped video call or a cloud-service outage — can have a major impact on remote work experience. And without the ability to see across home networks, IT personnel are often limited in what they can do.
These issues not only frustrate employees and complicate service operations, but can also slow productivity to a standstill.


of employees report that they face more distractions when working remotely
of employees believe collaboration and teamwork is less effective in a remote setting than in a traditional setting
of employees believe technology-related issues they've experienced can be avoided or prevented

A Solution That Works Everywhere


Whether addressing a home Wi-Fi issue, dropped video call, or cloud-service outage, IT visibility is critical for improving remote work experience. And the more IT teams can see, the easier it is to initiate different strategic approaches — including proactive support, automation, and transformation — for better long-term productivity and business outcomes. 

Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud, a cloud-native digital experience management platform, delivers that visibility by quickly scaling to the edge with few limitations, and working inside and outside corporate networks to securely collect and analyze endpoint data. 

By taking a more holistic view of remote environments, IT can quickly identify productivity roadblocks, thoroughly troubleshoot issues, optimize setups, and do more to improve digital experiences for remote workers. 

Improving the Remote Workforce Experience with Lakeside

No matter where organizations are in their remote workforce experience management journey, Lakeside has the data-driven capabilities to make working from anywhere as productive as possible.

Monitor end-user experience

By continuously collecting and analyzing endpoint data from physical and virtual machines, IT can determine the quality of remote work experiences — both in real time and historical context — through system, device, and user behavior details, as well as one the most important metrics: the end-user experience score.


Explore connectivity and latency

Get to the bottom of connection issues with immediate views of application network performance, application latency service mapping, network saturation, workforce connectivity habits, and more that can help IT troubleshoot problems affecting employees who are working from home or satellite location.

Track critical app performance

Tracking the performance of critical apps can alert IT to possible issues — such as slowness, faults, outages, and high resource consumption — and prompt proactive or even preventative measures. The effect of app performance on end users also allows organizations to establish experience level agreements (XLAs) that demand higher standards from third-party vendors.

Optimize IT assets

Endpoint data helps organizations locate and take stock of equipment, devices, licenses, and other resources to strategically rationalize upgrades, refreshes, reallocation; to remove unused or underutilized assets; or to plan migrations or deployments. This not only streamlines IT operations, but also prevents the cost and maintenance of unnecessary resources.

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