Virtual Desktop Migration

Assess, plan, and optimize for successful virtual desktop and app migrations

Deliver Incredible Digital Experiences on Any Platform

Employees need a consistent, high-quality experience that helps them get work done from anywhere. While virtualization offers greater flexibility and simplified IT management, deploying and driving user acceptance of virtual desktops and applications is a complex undertaking. And migrations that lack adequate planning and understanding of end-user experience risk wasted time, money, and even project failure.

But there is a better way – an optimized way – that thousands of organizations have used to succeed with virtual desktop migration. It all starts with deep visibility into your entire IT environment.

Not a Project, But a Journey

Without visibility into what hardware and software users have today and how it is performing, decisions around which users to virtualize and what resources to allocate are made based on assumption or limited data. This approach of guesswork or “lifting and shifting” the physical environment to virtual can lead to costly, poorly optimized implementations and low end-user experience. These issues persist post-migration, and administrators may not be aware of users suffering in silence or able to understand the true root cause of session slowness and other common problems. 

In contrast, the most successful virtual desktop implementations treat the migration process as a continuous journey, properly assessing, planning, and optimizing desktops for exceptional digital employee experience with ongoing performance monitoring. 

Improve Change Management

Lakeside integrates with leading virtualization solutions, including Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, and VMware Horizon, to provide the insights your team needs to migrate desktops with confidence. Purpose-built dashboards and reports make it easy to understand:

Which users are a good fit for virtualization based on real-user data.

Who would be a good fit for a multi-user session (one virtual machine hosting multiple users at the same time) versus a dedicated setup (one user assigned to one virtual machine at a time). 

How to design and tune desktop images to user needs with insight into critical applications.

Whether desktops are over- or under-provisioned with CPU, memory, disk, IOPS, and vGPU.

Digital experience scores, employee adoption, and satisfaction.

Migrate to Virtual Desktops with Confidence

Lakeside's digital experience management platform is the industry standard for desktop transformation. Is your organization next?

Assess Transformation Readiness 

Lakeside’s analytics and reporting will help you understand which users are good candidates for virtualization and which have compatibility requirements or other complicating factors. 

Deliver Incredible Experiences 

By selecting the right tools and resources from the start, you can ensure a smoother rollout to transition users seamlessly. Any issues that do arise can quickly be discovered and addressed through root cause analysis and remediation. 

Right-Size for Lower Costs 

Keep track of whether users are under-using virtual machine resources to right-size desktops and prevent unnecessary costs.

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