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We are proud to announce general
availability of Digital Experience Cloud 9.0.9 and Assist!

To help address increasing pressure on IT to deliver incredible digital employee experiences for flexible workforces, we are excited to announce the next version of our platform, Digital Experience Cloud 9.0.9. This new release is designed to make realizing the productivity and cost-optimization benefits of digital experience management faster and easier than ever through new service desk features, usability improvements, and enhanced remote work management capabilities.

Introducing Assist: A New App to Power Level 1 Support

Assist is an all-in-one workspace for Level 1 service desk staff to quickly diagnose and resolve issues. It draws on the rich underlying analytics of the Digital Experience Cloud platform while only surfacing details relevant to L1 workflows so your L1 staff can see more, know more, and do more to improve digital employee experience. Assist runs as a stand-alone app or tightly integrated with ServiceNow ITSM.

Reimagined Cloud Homepage

Navigating the Digital Experience Cloud is easier than ever thanks to updated app organization, icons, quick links, dashboard favorites, and more.

Sensor Enhancements

Sensors, a diagnostic tool for accelerated root cause analysis, have been augmented with an additional layer of granular insight within AIOps to surface more details. Examples include the names of hardware manufacturers, disk drives, GPOs, and browser extensions, which are surfaced at the top level to prevent the need to drill deeper, saving IT considerable time when troubleshooting an issue.

Proactive Support Kit

The Proactive Support Kit is a custom set of content that any customer running 9.0 or above can download and use today for a unified view of areas that are helpful to examine during proactive investigations, such as critical app details, sensor trends, top faulting apps, top DEX impacts, and machine sizing.

Remote Work Management

The Remote Work Performance Monitoring Kit has been enhanced with additional dashboards to provide a more intuitive workflow for visibility into the quality of remote workers’ digital employee experience. It allows customers to quickly understand the state of remote digital employee experience; improve remote productivity, engagement, and collaboration; and enhance security and compliance while users work from home.

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