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We are proud to announce general
availability of SysTrack version 8.3!

SysTrack 8.3

Working closely with our customers and the analyst community, we have made the focus of this update on bridging the gaps that exist in today’s digital experience monitoring landscape, while continuing to evolve our workspace analytics platform. We believe the innovations introduced in SysTrack 8.3 will further aid IT leaders to observe and analyze the interactions between users, both as individuals and communities, their workspaces and applications, and the services or digital business processes they interact with. As always, our goal is to enable our customers to measurably enhance digital business productivity.

Qualitative Feedback

Measuring end-user satisfaction continues to be top of mind for our customers as a means of assessing the "business fitness" technology services. As we continue to invest in quantifying user experience through our industry leading user experience scoring, we’ve also added new qualitative features to complement the quantitative view of digital experience. Now our customers can measure end-user satisfaction by autonomically asking them about their perception of issues as they arise. Administrators can tether surveys to drops in user experience score, identified hardware issues, reduced SLA targets, or ask broad questions of the user-base, like, “How do you like Windows 10?”

Synthetic Transactions

We now offer a mechanism to run user-written scripts against application interfaces at timed intervals and record the results. This functionality can provide IT teams with an additional perspective into end-user experience for applications that are delivered as a service. This can be useful for SLA monitoring of cloud-based services like Skype, DaaS, and so on.

Community Visualization

We are impressed with our customers’ rapid adoption of SysTrack community. One of the biggest feature requests we’ve gotten has been to overlay Community data directly within visualizers and dashboards. Your wish is our command! Now you can see comparative analytics directly from within SysTrack.

SCOM Integration

Lakeside Software is committed to support the growth of our customers. With that in mind, we bring to you our new set of SysTrack SCOM Management Packs. Furthering our partnership with Microsoft, we are proud to announce that starting with SysTrack version 8.3, our customers can interface with all facets of SysTrack directly within SCOM. This functionality enhances IT department's ability to monitor digital user experience, provide proactive alerting, and access rapid root cause identification across all workspace components and dependent infrastructures directly from within SCOM.


SysTrack now speaks Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Arabic – and that’s just the beginning. Even better news: More languages will be added monthly.

Linux support

In August of 2016 we announced general availability of the SysTrack Mac client on version 8.2, and so it follows that in August of 2017 we announce general availability of the SysTrack Linux agent. It’s the perfect solution for monitoring Linux-based thin clients! 

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