Windows 10 Assessment

"Are we ready for a Windows 10 migration?” is one of the most common questions we hear from our customers. And put simply, Windows 10 is prompting organizations to reconsider their computing environments through the lens of making people productive and more secure.

In light of this, we teamed up with Microsoft to build the SysTrack Desktop Assessment for Windows 10: Our free, cloud-based assessment that enables organizations to identify which users and endpoints are the best candidates for Windows 10, what issues or concerns for application dependencies exist and what hardware limitations require remediation prior to the Windows 10 upgrade.

How it works

The SysTrack Desktop Assessment for Windows 10 is a free cloud-based resource that assesses your physical, virtual or hybrid environment’s readiness for Windows 10. To do this, SysTrack works to understand the types of users and applications in your environment.

How? By gathering user data directly from a lightweight SysTrack agent deployed on your endpoints.

What you get

A free service, the SysTrack Desktop Assessment will provide you with reports that can help guide planning, sizing and deploying Windows 10.

Key factors that are measured and reported on include:

  • Application dependencies
  • System hardware overview
  • Percentage of the environment ready for a Windows 10 migration
  • Trending information on application and user behavior
  • Usage of your software portfolio
  • Application port usage
  • Software packages installed

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