AI That Speaks IT: Transforming Enterprise IT 

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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the demand for efficient and proactive IT is more critical than ever for enterprise companies. As organizations navigate complex, ever-changing IT ecosystems and strive to deliver seamless user experiences, advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can make the difference between struggling to keep up or truly transforming enterprise IT. Enter the Lakeside SysTrack Intelligence Package, with an embedded AI engine and rich datasets that can level up IT efficiencies. 

The Future of IT Operations Management 

This new Intelligence Package accelerates the transformation of enterprise IT operations by offering AI-powered tools purpose built for IT professionals. The SysTrack Intelligence Package transcends traditional monitoring and troubleshooting approaches not only to proactively identify issues before they turn into an influx of help desk tickets but also to predict issues before they occur by spotting early indicators of disruption. 

“Our customers are looking to cut through the AI buzz and see real returns. Our SysTrack Intelligence Package does just that with purpose-built AI to proactively identify and prevent IT issues from spreading, ultimately saving valuable time, resources, and money for our customers,” said Lakeside CEO Dave Keil in the recent press release.  

Key Capabilities of the SysTrack Intelligence Package  

1. Predictive Analytics for Anomaly Detection: SysTrack’s embedded AI-enabled anomaly detection leverages the collection of 10,000 data points every 15 seconds from each endpoint to establish normal system behavior and, from there, identify any anomalies or irregularities across a specific IT estate. This predictive capability enables customers to preemptively address root causes of issues before they escalate, minimizing their impact on both the business and on employee productivity. 

2. Natural Language Queries and Insights: Lakeside’s SysTrack Intelligence Package simplifies troubleshooting processes by allowing IT team members to ask real questions in natural language and receive actionable insights from the most comprehensive source of real-time and historical endpoint data. This capability streamlines problem-solving efforts, facilitates quick access to insights, and supports rapid decision-making during critical incidents. 

3. Intelligent Support for the Help Desk: By combining generative AI and SysTrack data, the SysTrack Intelligence Package equips help desk technicians with a virtual assistant that offers guidance tailored to specific IT challenges encountered in an organization’s environment. This AI-driven assistance tuned for IT enhances troubleshooting efficiency, provides technicians with relevant information, and ultimately reduces the mean time to resolution for IT issues. 

Unlocking Business Value with the SysTrack Intelligence Package  

“The number one thing companies can do to elevate digital workplace is to leverage the data for a better employee experience,” said Dan Perlick, VP and Global Practice Leader – Digital Workplace Services at Kyndryl.  

Lakeside is the unmatched leader in IT data intelligence and proactive IT innovations. SysTrack’s patented data collection and intelligent edge storage architecture allow the platform to aggregate and analyze vastly more endpoint and telemetry data than any other End User Computing company. It then structures this extensive amount of data in a way that allows IT to extract actionable insights, make data-driven decisions, and see measurable returns.  

“You’ve got massive data you need to crunch through, and only AI can do that to give you events trending and correlation of what’s happening across your fleet,” said Lakeside Customer Bryon Ezell, TS-System Engineering and Operations, Manager  at Jack Henry.

“AI that speaks IT is, in my view, about getting actionable insights out of all the plethora of data that you get out of all the telemetry and other things and really enabling the IT organization to make a difference in end user experience,” said David Rosenblatt, Distinguished Solution Architect, Digital Workspace, from World Wide Technology.  

With the release of the SysTrack Intelligence Package, gleaning relevant insights from this data has never been easier. Customers can benefit from fewer tickets, fewer disruptive events, lower mean time to resolution, and less productivity lost.    

I don’t need to be an expert in all the different areas I’m pulling from. I need my AI to find the right data to answer my question.

Bryon Ezell, System Engineering and Operations Manager, Jack Henry

Embrace the Future of IT Operations with the SysTrack Intelligence Package  

The new Intelligence Package, announced during the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit in Dallas, Texas, on March 18, represents a paradigm shift in IT operations, using the power of AI and ML to drive efficiency, agility, and innovation. Embrace the future of IT with the SysTrack Intelligence Package and transform your enterprise IT organization and impact. 

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