AI: The Big Game Changer for IT

As millions of viewers tune in to watch the “Big Game” this weekend, we’re expecting to see strategic plays, good defense, and even better offense. I can’t help but draw parallels with the world of IT, where AI stands to lead IT teams to victory.  Just as a quarterback orchestrates plays to secure the win, AI is the quarterback to help IT orchestrate data, automate processes, and secure a win for the organization.

The Offensive Line: Complete Visibility

In the game of IT, imagine the enterprise IT environment as the field with each device, application, and endpoint a key player. Just as the offensive line needs a complete view of the field to make strategic decisions on where to run the ball to avoid a tackle, IT professionals need the same visibility across their environment – whether that is on the network, offline, or anywhere in between. Having this complete visibility is the only way to make a successful play. Lakeside lets you eliminate blind spots across the IT playing “field” by collecting endpoint data both on and offline, across enterprise and external networks. Finally, you can see the health and performance of endpoints across your entire IT estate. An offense that has eliminated blind spots makes room strategically for the defense to be effective.

The Defensive Line: Proactive IT

As the saying goes, “The best offense is a good defense.” And that rings true for IT teams, too. Imagine preventing the touch-down-scoring drive before the ball is ever hiked. While that’s hard to envision in an American football game, it is possible to prevent IT issues from escalating – or even from reaching the help desk – with proactive IT. Lakeside offers AI-driven detection to eliminate potential digital disruptions. Plus, we have hundreds of out-of-the-box automations to identify and resolve issues at scale.

The Quarterback: AI

In 2024, incorporating AI into IT’s playbook is not just a strategic move but a game-winning necessity. AI is arguably the most important development in technology this decade. Nearly every aspect of business is being rethought in the context of AI’s impact. For an IT team, AI that is trained on the right data can reveal answers to complex IT problems, fill knowledge gaps, and reduce ticket volume for an organization.

The MVP: Data

AI is only as good as the data it’s trained on, however, so the most valuable player is that data. But it must be able to go deep and wide. We call that data’s breadth, depth, and history. For IT teams to really gain the benefits of this MVP, they need comprehensive data from across every endpoint in their IT estate. Only Lakeside gathers 10,000 data points every 15 second from every endpoint, making sure IT leaders are never blindsided by gaps in visibility. Data fidelity lets them anticipate the right plays.

Does your IT team have what it takes to win?

No matter which team walks away as the champion this weekend, you have the opportunity to walk away as a winner at your own organization this year — but only with AI in your strategic lineup.

Download Lakeside’s white paper “AI That Speaks IT: Better Data, Better Results” to learn how to empower your IT team to:

  • Optimize the digital employee experience (DEX).
  • Pivot from reactive to proactive IT by monitoring IT health.
  • Understand root causes of issues and take immediate action.
  • Get a better view of the IT estate across the enterprise.
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