Big Data Drives Evidence-based Decisions at VMworld 2014

Lakeside will be at VMworld 2014 San Francisco, August 23-28  in Booth 821.  Stop on by!


100% of your Users’ Experience
50% of your IT budget
0% Visibility


That’s the problem.   Most organizations spend about half of their IT budget and effort on delivering quality experience to 100% of their people, but they have 0% visibility into their user experience. That’s not a recipe for success.

You need a way to make your IT decisions in an evidence-based way. Turn 0% visibility into 100% knowledge.

Lakeside issued a blog this week (“Big Data for End User Computing: Driving Enhanced Visibility and Better Decisions“) that explains this challenge and how SysTrack can help you meet this challenge.

At VMworld 2014 San Francisco Lakeside will be demoing some concrete examples of how Big Data for End User Computing can drive Evidence-based Decisions.

The evidence comes from SysTrack as a Big Data for End User Computing solution that provides everything you need through the entire system lifecycle – Assess, Transform, Operate, and Measure.

Also check out our session schedule as we’re going to have many guest speakers from our market place partners to tell you how they are using SysTrack to make their customers successful.

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