At Lakeside Kickoff 2021, we announced the newly optimized Lakeside Customer Success approach — a new vision and strategy for the evolution and growth of our customer, partner, and MSP digital experience management programs. A successful DEM program requires more than just tools. You need a trusted partner to help you become a DEM Rockstar at your organization by building a winning digital experience team, communicating IT’s value to the business, and leveraging the forefront of DEM innovation.

Here is the breakdown in 10 minutes or less. For more information or details please contact me. As a Customer Success Leadership Team, it is our mission to ensure your team is fully supported to lead the digital employee experience revolution.

High-level we have one simple goal

Partner with our customers, partners, and MSPs to develop a structured, programmatic approach to digital experience transformations.

Our mission as a CS team

We ensure customer success by driving positive business outcomes that enhance the exceptional value of Lakeside’s market-leading products.

How we do it

We ensure the best outcomes by:

  • Identifying strategies and project plans that improve IT visibility, boost productivity, and reduce costs
  • Optimize efficiencies that accelerate time to resolution for all use cases through the set-up of instant performance-based dashboards
  • Provide expert technical consultation to ensure best end user and project outcomes when utilizing Lakeside’s products
  • Allow programs to scale over time via centralized cloud or on-prem platforms

Lakeside delivers the most comprehensive use case coverage and program value analytics in the industry to yield the highest ROI for our customers and Lakeside’s optimized CS team will ensure that happens.