In many ways, the best IT person is the type you won’t ever have to speak to.

This isn’t necessarily because their conversation starter tends to involve a 20-sided die or a PC that looks like Rainbow Dash, but the well-oiled, muted-hum of the IT machine should just that — muted. It works so brilliantly and efficiently; you don’t even know it’s there anymore. The bearded, coffee-swigging stereotype that uses words you don’t understand and the ninja have become one.

My prediction is that IT will become more and more enigmatic. With the uptake of more advanced AIOps tools — enabling greater detection, prediction, and automated remediation — this is of course something to celebrate. The downside is that it leaves IT looking rather invisible or unappreciated.

In this article I want to provide some ideas on ways that this can be solved. One of the most popular ways is through engagements, an interaction triggered when something is detected and allows you to offer up some advice or a solution in a timely and contextually-important manner.

We’re not talking about the "empty your recycle bin" ideas of yesteryear — we’re all bored of hearing that one. Detection is the new black, and the more frequently you can detect, the more plentiful, powerful, and compelling the engagements become. Here are some of my personal favourites.