If an army “marches on its stomach,” enterprises counting on employees working from home thrive or fail by the performance of their VPNs. As the number of remote employees surpasses anything we’ve seen before, corporate VPNs are being challenged to keep up. 

During a recent webinar, we polled attendees to find out what areas are experiencing the greatest impact due to remote working.

Survey responses to the question "What have been your biggest challenges in supporting remote workers?"
Figure 1: Poll with 47 IT respondents

The responses aligned with conversations we’ve been having with our customers, with about half of respondents noting connectivity/VPN, latency, and home network issues as top challenges.

In this post, I will highlight some of the VPN issues our customers have experienced and their resolutions. I hope these stories will help you troubleshoot or anticipate common VPN pitfalls for your organization.

But first, I’d like to share what I’ve found to be a successful strategy for managing increased VPN demand. These steps are based on scenarios I’ve witnessed over the past several weeks as companies have adapted to enabling greater access to corporate resources for home users.