Orchestrate Exceptional IT Service Delivery with All-New AI-Enabled Solutions

Discover how SysTrack’s data and new AI capabilities are driving issue resolution, self-service, and proactive IT across digital workplaces

Lakeside Software has always been the leader in providing visibility into the digital workplace. Continuously collecting 10,000 data points every 15 seconds across various endpoints, Lakeside’s SysTrack platform is the solution of choice for data-driven IT leaders. Today we are excited to announce how SysTrack is leading the market with AI technologies to offer intuitive and accelerated issue resolution, self-service, and proactive IT. 

Data Is the Difference for SysTrack AI 

SysTrack’s unique data collection has always been a gold mine for root cause analysis (RCA), but now it is the fuel for the next generation of analytics work. SysTrack has the best data in the business, an engine with more than 1,200 sensors, and a massively scalable and patented edge architecture. In an AI-enabled digital workplace, this critical data foundation finally gives IT the ability to produce reliable and consistent results. 

Accelerate Service Delivery with Generative AI 

When issues are escalated at the service desk, engineers are faced with quickly understanding the root cause and deploying the correct fix.  Through Lakeside’s new Intelligent Support feature, IT service desk technicians can access the full power of SysTrack data combined with the leading large language model at their fingertips. Without leaving the SysTrack platform, Level 2 and 3 technicians view step-by-step instructions describing how to take action on the massive amounts of data coming from Lakeside’s Intelligent Edge. With built-in AI, SysTrack now guides technicians on how to overcome IT challenges and can dynamically interact with your team to adjust that advice to the specific needs encountered in your environment. 

Intelligent Support allows engineers to harness the combined simplicity of conversational AI and the power of SysTrack sensors to troubleshoot complex escalations. Intelligent Support is an extension of an organization’s engineering team—SysTrack’s edge analytics crunch the numbers and do the heavy lifting and generative AI outlines exactly how to act on these insights. 

Automate Self-Service at Scale Through Conversational AI 

For organizations looking to take a load off of their service desks, SysTrack’s proactive detection and alerting have helped IT teams avoid fire drills and headaches. Now, SysTrack’s partnership with Moveworks lets conversational AI meet employees where they are to help them the moment they need it (and even before). Through this new, exclusive integration, SysTrack can deploy proactive alerts to employees in Microsoft Teams, Slack, or other applications where employees regularly work. 

SysTrack’s AI-enabled capabilities are a quantum leap in the digital employee experience (DEX) space. It’s not enough to know what problems exist in the digital workplace — IT teams need actionability for resolution. No single systems engineer, support technician, or operations professional can know everything, but SysTrack’s data advantage and generative AI features will augment your team to bridge human knowledge gaps. SysTrack is demonstrating the future of AI in the digital workplace.  

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