Never miss a problem with SysTrack 10.11

Find out how IT teams can know the right answers and fix issues fast so that people can focus on their work and not their technology troubles.

SysTrack is how organizations with large, complex IT environments can finally get visibility across their entire digital estate and see how to do more with less. SysTrack 10.11 gives IT a better view of the device estate so that IT understands its users, finds real-time answers to their questions, and moves faster across their workflows.

Here are the highlights you need to know.

Improve Employee Experiences with SysTrack + Qualtrics

Knowing your users requires the best engagement tools for quantitative and qualitative insights. However, in today’s digital workplaces, support tickets and surveys aren’t enough for a complete view of employee experience— especially when an average of 40% of IT issues go unreported and survey response rates can vary from company to company.

Improve Digital Employee Experience with SysTrack + Qualtrics

SysTrack’s integration with Qualtrics XM brings together the most holistic objective and subjective data available to measure digital employee experience. With a single pane of glass view into system health and user sentiment, it’s easy to identify which real-time issues are also the highest priority for busy IT engineering teams. The unified dashboard provides a digital health score from SysTrack, a sentiment score from Qualtrics, an XLA score combining data from both solutions, and details to drill down into the details. Qualtrics users also benefit from SysTrack’s powerful user segmentation for targeted engagements to the right employees.

Improve Service Delivery with Sensor Management

Sensors are a core technology of SysTrack, automatically processing and transforming massive amounts of data collected at the endpoint into actionable insights. These 1200+ automated investigations are the foundation of simplified diagnostic callouts for efficient service desk agents and empowered end users.

Improve service delivery with automated diagnostics for help desk agents

Now with SysTrack 10.11, admins can manage their sensor stack for the entire platform from a centralized portal. Determining which sensors are the most important to their organization, and how they populate across pages, IT can customize L1 system checklists in Assist and self-help insights for the end user. With the right information delivered to these critical first lines of defense, service delivery shifts left and fewer tickets are escalated. But sensors can also be a launchpad for proactive operations, notifying your teams of an issue before the users can notice (or submit a ticket).

Get Alerted in Your System of Choice

Sensor Notifications help IT never miss a problem, cutting through noisy alerts of siloed monitoring tools and surfacing real-time issues that matter. This hands-off, proactive visibility is a watchdog for the digital estate.

Get proactive alerts for the digital workplace directly in Slack, ServiceNow, Teams, and more.

All-new connectivity between SysTrack and ITSM/productivity solutions deliver these critical alerts to the applications employees work from most. By notifying teams directly in ServiceNow, Slack, Teams, Pager Duty (and more), IT leaders can be confident that high-priority problems will be seen and corrected before a fire drill breaks out.

Lakeside customers can find out more about these capabilities in the Customer Gateway.

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