Readily Address Market and Business Trends with Lakeside’s New DEX Library

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DEX packs provide customers with out-of-the-box solutions for enhanced IT agility, green IT, employee well-being, and more

In the past three decades, IT has transformed from a cost center into a strategic voice within the business. Now the problems IT leaders face are not one-dimensional around monolithic technology updates. Today’s challenges are more complex and rapidly changing the business landscape with demands to balance expensive planning decisions, technical risks, and employee experience across the IT estate.  

For this reason, Lakeside Software has created a new way to leverage digital employee experience (DEX) data to help IT take on new projects, strategies, and environments: the DEX Library. 

The DEX Library is a free collection of out-of-the-box solutions — called DEX packs — that build on the data collected by the Intelligent Edge within Lakeside Software’s Digital Experience Cloud, powered by SysTrack. These solutions are uniquely powerful due to the underlying foundation of industry-leading data that support automated analysis, prescriptive visualizations, and focused insights for each pack. 

 Overall, the library helps IT to:  

  • React agilely to major technology or world changes.  
  • Position the team as a strategic powerhouse for business objectives.  
  • Get set up fast — either on-prem or in the cloud.   
  • Leverage workflows designed by CIOs and IT pros. 
  • Expand the value of their endpoint data. 

The library, which is set to be updated regularly to address the latest market and business challenges, features several key flagship solutions that are now available to Lakeside customers.


How to Keep IT Agile in the Face of Changing Priorities
Explore how IT can become more responsive to addressing major business challenges using the DEX Library.

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Green IT  

As businesses leaders prioritize sustainability and environmental, social, governance (ESG) concerns in their strategic initiatives, often missing from consideration are the effects of an IT estate’s technology. This includes millions of tons of emissions and e-waste that can be directly attributed to servers, data centers, and computers.  

The Green IT DEX pack puts sustainability at the forefront of business strategy through employee experience data. The pack uses physical performance data of personal computers, data centers, and devices to help IT identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption, paper waste, and IT costs.  

Putting sustainability at the forefront of business strategy through employee experience.

Google Workspace  

Businesses rely on real-time collaboration and reliable accessibility benefits from flexible cloud applications — including Google Workspace. However, this reliance means IT is challenged to keep these web apps performant.  

The Google Workspace DEX pack helps to optimize productivity and experience across Google applications. By benchmarking, tracking, and comparing key application availability, performance, and usage metrics, this pack identifies irregular performance or engagement across personas, systems, and time intervals.  

Optimizing productivity and experience across Google applications.

Microsoft Teams  

It is frustrating to be in a meeting and have audio stall, files not send, or a laptop’s fan running full blast. Each of these impacts employee productivity.  

The Microsoft Teams DEX pack helps IT improve enterprise-wide collaboration and experience on Teams. By surfacing a detailed analysis of call quality metrics, resource consumption, and application versions, this pack provides a complete picture of health and identifies versions, groups, and devices that need troubleshooting.  

Optimizing enterprise-wide collaboration and experience on Teams.

Proactive IT  

Spotting a problem first is always better than a fire drill. The Proactive IT DEX pack provides expanded visibility into potential problems across the IT estate that are likely to impact employees. This allows IT to quickly assess and improve digital employee experience, right-size devices, and ensure version compatibility.  

Solve issues before they're felt by employees.

SQL Server  

System management software — including SQL Server — monitor the connection between employees, technology, and data. While this is handled in the background, business leaders expect this process to work seamlessly.  

The SQL Server Administration DEX pack automates inventorying and monitoring performance of SQL servers for peak efficiency in the workplace. By analyzing servers, instances, and databases through the lens of IT estate health, this solution helps IT compare health trends, identify irregularities, and diagnose issues.  

Manage SQL server health for peak efficiency in the workplace.

Synthetic Transactions  

The Synthetic Transaction DEX pack aggregates the results of simulated user interactions for continuous monitoring of crucial workflows for employees. The pack goes beyond basic transaction reporting to aggregate test results with estate-level health data, enabling IT to identify trends and problems at-a-glance.  

Detect employee-facing application issues without a ticket.

Windows 11 Migration  

Adopting and rolling out Microsoft’s Windows 11 to legacy hardware presents challenges for IT. In addition to the technical requirements, IT must also consider the experience of users who rely on their devices.  

The Windows 11 Migration DEX pack helps IT accelerate Windows 11 journey with the employee experience in mind. The pack assesses the readiness of hardware and applications within an environment, identifies actions to take pre-migration, and continuously reports on progress and performance throughout the rollout.  

Simplify your IT estate’s readiness and rollout of Windows 11.

Continuously Address Business Challenges with the DEX Library  

As IT’s influence within the business continues to grow, so must the tools teams use to support organizations. Lakeside’s expanding DEX Library helps IT source strategy-forming insights from a single source with the most comprehensive endpoint data collection and analysis. And with a foundation of better data, organizations can make better decisions. 

Check Out Lakeside’s DEX Library 

Learn more about the DEX Library and find the right solution for your IT estate. Customers can also get started with their first DEX pack today by visiting our Customer Gateway.  

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