What once seemed so futuristic is now a reality as we head into 2020. Times are changing and technology is advancing faster than ever, making it critical to stay on top of industry trends. To help you prepare for the next decade, we’ve compiled our readership’s favorite blog posts from 2019 which focus on hot topics around tech giants like Oracle, Microsoft, Adobe, and more.

Table of Contents

  1. Java Did WHAT?!
  2. Microsoft WVD: Why, How to, and Getting Started with a Free Assessment
  3. Evergreen IT and Windows 10 Explained
  4. Free Guide to AIOps Tools | How to Choose & Key Concepts
  5. What Does End-To-End Monitoring Really Mean?
  6. Top 3 Differences Between APM and APM (Monitoring vs. Management)
  7. How Adobe Licensing Changes Affect You
  8. Introduction to SysTrack 9.0: Ground-Breaking Monitoring and Resolution
  9. Should IT Delete IE?
  10. Gartner’s Market Guide for Digital Experience Monitoring | An Overview

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10 IT Blog Posts to Read Before Heading into 2020

1. Java Did WHAT!?

If you have Java in your environment, you’ve probably already heard that Oracle announced profound Java licensing changes in 2019. This transition to Java Standard Edition (SE) has left many with unanswered questions around licensing and their environments, such as “What should our Java licensing look like?”  Similarly, those who have already made their decision on Java licensing are left pondering, “Have I under or over provisioned licensing” or “What’s the impact if I’m not compliant?”

If you've been wondering the answer to these questions, you’ll want to get the scoop in this blog post.

2. Microsoft WVD Monitoring | Why, How-to, and Getting Started

    BONUS: Free WVD Tool You Can Start Using Today!

Near the end of September 2019, Microsoft announced the general availability of Windows Virtual Desktop, a new service that streamlines the delivery of Windows desktops and applications on Azure. Working alongside Microsoft on WVD as a value-added services provider, we at Lakeside Software are helping you pave the way for success.

In this post you’ll discover how we expanded our offering for ongoing WVD performance monitoring and diagnostics – and you’ll even find a free WVD assessment tool to help plan your migration.

3. Evergreen IT and Windows 10 Explained | How to Migrate and Monitor Effectively

Have you heard about the evergreen IT model? It’s supposed to make upgrades less painful for IT while providing a more modern experience for end users. If you’re like some IT professionals, you may still be wary of how this change will affect your processes.

With the need for migrating and continuous monitoring for Windows 10, you’ll want to explore the challenges and benefits of evergreen IT here.

4. Guide to AIOps Tools in 2019 | How to Choose & Key Concepts

This year AIOps tools are gaining popularity, indicating a shift toward a modern IT strategy that incorporates machine intelligence to better support digital transformation.

Wondering if your organization needs AIOps?

This free guide covers everything you need to know about this emerging space including guidance on selecting the right tool to meet the requirements of your business.

5. What Does “End-To-End” Monitoring Really Mean?

Many vendors and technologies claim to provide "end-to-end" monitoring for systems, applications, users, the user experience and so forth. But when you start to inspect them, it becomes apparent that many of these technologies are stretching the definition of the word "end.”

Let's elaborate on what "end-to-end" monitoring and visibility really is in this blog post.

6. Application Performance Management vs Monitoring: The Top 3 Differences

APM is commonly used to describe two different IT practices: application performance management and application performance monitoring. While seemingly similar, these approaches can result in two very different outcomes.

Both can help you identify when an application is up and working, but you’ll want to dive into this post for the differences.

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7. Adobe Licensing Changes: How They Will Affect Admins [2019]

In 2018, Adobe announced a series of licensing changes to which many of us have already started adapting. But what are these changes, which dates do you need to look out for, and what do you need to act on now?

If you are an IT administrator or a license manager for Adobe software licensing, this post is for you.

8. Introducing SysTrack 9.0: Ground-breaking Monitoring and Automated Resolution

For those who may not be familiar, SysTrack is Lakeside's digital experience monitoring platform. With over 20 years invested into this product, it’s evolved over time and our 2019 enhancements were raved about among EUC industry experts like BrianMadden.com, VMware, and more.

Read about the latest SysTrack capabilities.

9. Should IT “Delete” Internet Explorer?

Believe it or not, Microsoft released a blog post from their Worldwide Lead for Cybersecurity that outlined the case against Internet Explorer!

Dig into this post to find out why Microsoft wants you to stop using IE, some of the reasons why organizations are hesitant to delete, and the many options you can weigh.

10.  Gartner’s Market Guide for Digital Experience Monitoring | An Overview

As you may have heard, digital experience monitoring is growing in popularity among the IT community – particularly in end-user computing and VDI. In light of the growing demand, Gartner recently published their Market Guide for Digital Experience Monitoring which defines the market and their recommendations.

If you’re interested in learning more about Gartner’s Market Guide, digital experience monitoring, an overview of similar technologies and how they relate, read on here!

Well that’s a wrap for our most popular blog posts of 2019 but stay tuned as the industry continues to evolve and SysTrack right along with it. If you’re interested in getting trending articles like these straight to your inbox, subscribe to our blog.