What once seemed so futuristic is now a reality as we head into 2020. Times are changing and technology is advancing faster than ever, making it critical to stay on top of industry trends. To help you prepare for the next decade, we’ve compiled our readership’s favorite blog posts from 2019 which focus on hot topics around tech giants like Oracle, Microsoft, Adobe, and more.

Table of Contents

  1. Java Did WHAT?!
  2. Microsoft WVD: Why, How to, and Getting Started with a Free Assessment
  3. Evergreen IT and Windows 10 Explained
  4. Free Guide to AIOps Tools | How to Choose & Key Concepts
  5. What Does End-To-End Monitoring Really Mean?
  6. Top 3 Differences Between APM and APM (Monitoring vs. Management)
  7. How Adobe Licensing Changes Affect You
  8. Introduction to SysTrack 9.0: Ground-Breaking Monitoring and Resolution
  9. Should IT Delete IE?
  10. Gartner’s Market Guide for Digital Experience Monitoring | An Overview