Transform End-User Computing with SysTrack and IGEL OS

End-User Computing with SysTrack and IGEL OS

AI, IoT, big data, and cybersecurity threats are already dominating technology headlines and predictions for 2018. At the enterprise level, addressing these challenges will have implications for end-user computing (EUC) as the landscape of where and how we work continues to evolve. The key will be solutions that can deliver secure, flexible workspaces that provide great experiences to end users in innovative ways.

Last month, I wrote about how Lakeside and IGEL are teaming up to do just that through a first-of-its-kind partnership that gives admins greater visibility into their virtualized estate. The solution works by integrating the monitoring and analytics capabilities of Lakeside’s SysTrack with IGEL OS, which can run on any x86 device. This combo gives admins visibility into a wide array of devices, enabling them to discover what is happening on the endpoint and make measurable end-user experience improvements.

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Solution details

Lakeside has worked with IGEL to develop a component embedded in IGEL OS that delivers detailed SysTrack telemetry through a virtual channel. The software is vendor-agnostic and works with any VDI solution. By instrumenting the VM in addition to the endpoint, admins can achieve end-to-end visibility and retrieve data about the length and quality of sessions, in addition to endpoint metrics and KPIs (e.g. CPU, latency, memory, disk, end-user experience, etc.). Admins can use this data to improve end-user experience by performing event correlation and analysis, pinpointing the root cause of performance issues, and proactively solving them.


IGEL + SysTrack Integration

Considering IGEL thin clients for your organization? We also offer an assessment that identifies good VDI candidates in your environment.

What does this mean for end-user computing teams?

The benefits of this technology are limitless. Say you want to contract work that requires access to corporate resources, but have concerns about security or mishandling of proprietary information. By using IGEL-powered endpoints in tandem with SysTrack and IGEL’s Universal Management Suite (UMS), IT can provide access to the exact applications needed to complete the work while monitoring device usage and performance. Admins can then use UMS to remotely adjust what end users have access to and base those decisions on data collected by SysTrack. The result is an easy-to-manage solution that prioritizes security without compromising performance.

This solution also simplifies everyday IT operations by allowing technicians to see both real-time and trending data on individual endpoints, groups, or the entire estate. IGEL technology can transform any x86 device into a virtual powerhouse, enabling admins to upgrade end users’ experiences without needing to purchase new hardware. With SysTrack, admins can reap all the benefits of IGEL OS and gain new insights to address a host of IT concerns, from providing service desk support to monitoring the performance of business-critical technologies, including SaaS applications. Meanwhile, end users reap the benefits of VDI (such as the ability to access their desktop from multiple devices) alongside faster and more reliable system performance.

Get inspired at IGEL Disrupt: End-User Computing Forum events

Global innovators in EUC are convening at this year’s IGEL Disrupt forums to discuss breakthrough technologies and provide thought leadership for the year ahead. There’s still time to register for the events, the first of which takes place from January 17-19 in Bremen, Germany. Later events run from February 6-8 in Austin, Texas and March 13-14 in Melbourne, Australia. Each forum features talks by EUC experts, including Lakeside CEO and founder, Mike Schumacher, as well as technical workshops and solution demos.

Already registered? Don’t forget to stop by the Lakeside Software stand at any of the three events to learn more about SysTrack and our partnership with IGEL.

You can follow the action on Twitter @lakesidesoft and #disruptEUC.

Interested in our solution, but not attending Disrupt? Request a demo to see what SysTrack can do for end-user computing and learn about the benefits of workspace analytics.

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